Member Resource: Constant Contact

constant contactWe use Constant Contact here at MAREI for our email marketing and we also use it in our real estate investment business.

Have you ever wanted to send out an email to ALL of your clients . . . most of us in the real estate business do . . . investors, realtors, lenders, contractors . . . we all have a list of customers and we all want to communicate with them.

So we could send a mass email through our regular email . . . but did you know that through Gmail you can only send so many emails at one time and then your emails while you may hit send, may not be going through.  Or that when you CC so many email addresses, the spam filters at the receiving end might block your email and no one ever knows you actually sent them something.

Or even worse . . . you get your CC and your BCC mixed up and you end up sharing your entire list with everyone on your list . . .NOT COOL.

Enter Constant Contact . . . here are some things that you can use it for:

1.  You can set up a sign up form that you can put on your website and your Facebook Page that allows you clients to sign up to be on your email list .  So you might offer a free report, a discount coupon or something of value (not the generic free reports that Real Flow sends to all of us – but rather something original that you have created) as a bribe to get them to sign up for your email list.

2.  You can set up different lists based on the client type or where you met them or what ever and manually add them or import them.  So if you had a list of clients who want Blue Springs Deals and a list of clients that want Johnson County Deals, you could send houses to the right list and not bug the other list with irrelevant information.

3.  The program will also allow you people to unsubscribe and if you have a manual list and they email you to remove them and then you need to manually take them off.  With Constant Contact they do that themselves.

4.  You can send a personalized email.  I did this just yesterday – I personalized my email about a house that said Hey Bob and if I didn’t have a first name in the system it said Hey there .  . . then I proceeded to write an email that sounded like I was emailing Bob personally . . It say Hey Bob . . . I don’t know if you buy houses in Blue Springs but I wanted to share this house with you . . . AMAZING what personalization will do.

We got 4 responses back that no I don’t buy in Blue Springs . . but I do buy here . . . so we were able to update their profile.

We got on response back that no I don’t buy in Blue Springs . . but I do have a 6 plex I want to sell.

And we even had some buyers email us back.

I could go on and on and on about what you can do with Constant Contact, but they have an amazing website for you to check out that will detail it all. You can get a free trial to test out 3 or 4 emails, but if you have a list that is getting a bit larger you can’t import it until you pay.

Some words of advice, pay for one month to fully import your list and test it out.  If you really like it, then prepay for 6 months or a year in advance to save money.

Before you import your list in their system, make sure it’s a clean list.  What I mean is if you say imported a list of 1000 emails and send your first email and over 1/2 of it bounces or does not work, then they will lock your account.  So before you import the list, make sure you have good valid email addresses.

Also they don’t like emails that start with info@or information@.  A real valid list of emails that people actually built from scratch of people that want to be on the list will have a few info emails.  But if you have a lot of info@ emails you probably scraped them off the internet or bought a list.

So if you are going to test out constant contact and have a list to import that is larger than say 500, you might have a conversation with the team at constant contact about how to clean up your list before you import it.

Check it out. . . we love it and we are a referring partner for them too . . what that means is if you click here to go to Constant Contact and you like what you see and sign up, well MAREI gets a referral fee . . . sound familiar?