Member Question: How do I advertise properties on Zillow

Love it or hate it, let’s face it, the general public turns to Zillow for information.

Heck I even do a quick search on their to look for comps or pricing when I can’t access MLS.

As a Realtor, when I list a property for sale in MLS, it automoatically gets populated to Zillow and I understand that as Realtors this is soon if not already, the only way we will be able to get properties posted to Zillow as the listing agent.

However as the listing agent, or even as the seller, be sure that the information and data on zillow is correct.  Some things you can fix and other things, well, you might want to put in the comments a correction.

Now if you are the owner and you are marketing a house for rent or for sale by owner, you can still go to Zillow and market those properties.

To list a property for rent go here:

To post a for sale by owner go here:

Wholesalers Take Note:

Once upon a time in December 2016, we had a killer Duplex wholesale deal.  It was over the Christmas to New Years week and we didn’t want to put it on MLS until we were unsucessful in selling it off MLS.  Instead we marketed it on our own website ( and emailed it out to our email list.  We also took time to list it on Zillow as a for sale by owner listing and we put our name and contact info in the text on Zillow.

Wholesalers if you have a killer deal and you want to build a buyers list FAST with people from outside of the local REIA or from the local social media groups, listing a killer deal for sale by owner on Zillow is AMAZING.  Our email blew up with people wanting more info on the property and to look at it and we added a good 100 buyers to our buyer’s list that week.  These were people we have never heard of or seen at the local REIA.

I am sure with Zillow that you do have to confirm that you do in fact own the property, however, I am willing to bet you could market something you just have a contract on, at least for a few days, however the seller might find it and get mad and back out, so I recommend only doing this with killer deals you are willing to buy and hold for a few days.

Article provided by Kim Tucker, founder of MAREI and real estate investor who along with her husband Don and son Scott wholesale properties in Kansas City and at the Lake of the Ozarks.  Visit their website at