Member Question: Can I use the MAREI Logos on my Marketing Materials? Will MAREI Endorse Me?


We had a question come in this morning from someone who wanted to put the MAREI logo on their site and asking about MAREI endorsing them.  And when one person has a question, usually several others do as well.

Let’s start with the logo.

As a member you will find on page 11 of the MAREI Benefits Magazine that all member’s can use the logo under certain conditions.  Be sure to review Step #6 of the member fast start set up on page 11.

To use the logo:

1.  You must be an active member in good standing at MAREI.

2.  Find your copy of the MAREI Member Benefit Magazine and read through it.

2.  Copy the MAREI member code of ethics on page 4 (it’s also available in the MAREI member library.  For Individuals For Businesses)  Print this off, sign it, scan it in and email it to [email protected].

Once you receive confirmation that we have received it and have it on file, proceed to step #3.

3.  Download the Logos to use:  Banner    Logo

4.  Place one of the graphics from above in your marketing material and include the text ” Member of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors (”  You can also add if you would like “Attend your first MAREI meeting as my guest.  Register and Learn More at”

If you wonder if a person is using the MAREI logo with our permission as several people just place it on their websites, you can always check with us to verify if they are a member in good standing and if they have their code of ethics on file.

Now the next question becomes will MAREI endorse me.  Past being a member in good standing with a code of ethics on file, MAREI does not endorse anyone.

However we do have Business Memberships available.  These membership includes:

  • listing them on the MAREI website
  • including them in the newsletters we print and hand out at meetings and distribute digitally across the internet
  • we include the business member logo in our e-Updates
  • 3 free vendor tables to use at the MAREI meetings
  • we do attempt to interact with MAREI business members on social media by liking and sharing and commenting on some of your posts as we see them

Business memberships are currently $499 annually or $135 a quarter.

You can always join as a Business Member however that membership can be revoked at any time if we have valid complaints against the business member for code of ethics violations.