Member Benefit Update

  • Home Depot Rebates Paid out for Quarter 1 & 2 in 2016
    Member Benefit:  Home Depot 2% Rebate in 2016

    The numbers are all in and The Home Depot paid out over $159,000 in the 2% Rebates in the Kansas City Metro for the first 2 quarters of 2016.

    The average check to MAREI members was about $467.42  for 1/2  year, so the average MAREI member who participated in the rebate program gets a little over $900 back each year in our 2% Rebate – well worth the $99 membership don’t you think?

    This is on top of the 1%, 2.5% or 5% Rebate that Kansas City area stores pay out quarterly directly to their customers through their Pro-Rewards Loyalty Program.

  • Why didn’t I get any Home Depot Rebates in the Past Year?
    Member Benefit:  Home Depot Rebates



    I have not received a Home Depot Rebate in over a year.  I got one or two when the first year I signed up, but nothing since then?


    We received this question today and a couple of times over the past few years.  There were so many reasons why people do not get any rebates that we wanted to reach out to everyone to make sure they don’t have any of the same problems.

    Problem 1:  Membership has expired.

    When we first started, we didn’t really have a good way for Home Depot to verify your membership with the local groups, so once you signed up, you were in their system until, well now when they can cross reference their list with our membership lists every few months.

    Solution:  Make sure your membership is current and up  to date.  You can go to to log in and check Account history and make sure you are current.  Your name tag with you attend the meeting will also say Member or Non-Member.  If it says Non-Member either your membership has expired or you have not yet joined.  Some of you were getting your rebates through KCIG or Landlords of Eastern Jackson County – both have dropped their membership with National REIA, so they no longer offer the rebate.

    Problem 2:  Tender’s Not Regsitered

    The way the program tracks your purchases in order to issue your rebate is by you registering your credit and debit cards within the Home Depot Pro Reward system and coding them to a special code that tells them you are a member of our program.  Then when ever you make a purchase at Home Depot using the credit or debit card.  Or possibly a check or a gift card, all of which can be registered and tracked, then Home Depot knows you have spent money, they send you an email with your receipt, they track your receipt and they add your purchases to your rebate tally.

    Solution:  Log into the Home Depot Dashboard using your email as your username and your password – well we don’t know what that is, Home Depot should have generated one and sent it to you.  You can always reset it and get a new one.  Once logged in:

    • Click on the Credit Card and Accounts Tab.
    • Add all your Credit and Debit Cards
    • Add all your Pro Xtra Reloadable Cards
    • Add all your Gift Cards
    • Add all your Phone Numbers
    • Add all your Home Depot Keytags
    • Add all your Checking Accounts

    Note that the dashboard says you can enter and track by phone number, but the Home Depot is telling us that we can’t.  If you have contractors buying on your behalf, we suggest getting a Pro Xtra Reloadable Card for each contractor, then you can load in a prespend amount for them to use at the stores.  Or get with the store and request a Keytag, then they can scan that keytag when they purchase.

    Problem:  Expired or Closed Accounts

    We also find that people registere everything like they were supposed to and the card expired.  Or perhaps the card was canceled and replaced.  But the new replacement cards were never registered.

    Solution:  Set a time on your calendar to log into your Home Depot Dashboard and verify that all your credit cards are up to date.

    Problem:  Bad Addresses

    Often times the Home Depot and National REIA send out your rebate and it comes back as undeliverable.

    Solution:  When every you change your address, log in and update your address.


  • How can I get my properties to go out on the weekly email
    Member Benefit: MAREI markets your properties

    The sends out an email on Fridays with all the new properites posted to the MAREI website.

    Our newsletter system sends out an email on monday with a summary of things that are happening in real estate that week including events and new properties posted to the MAREI website.

    And when a new property is posted to the MAREI website it gets pushed out to our social media pages.

    Which begs the question, how does one get their property posted on the MAREI website?

    The process is fairly simple.

    First Step is to join MAREI and then collect your username and password.

    Second Step is to got to and log into the site.

    Third Step is to ACTIVATE YOUR FREE Website.  The website dashboard pretty much makes you activate your site when you first log in.  Then once you have that activated, your dashboard will have blue bottons when you log in to (1) View my Website, (2) Go to my Buyer / Seller Leads, and (3) Go to my Property Leads.

    You can also access your website by looking for the “My Website” link in the drop down menu when you click on the “My Account” tab.

    Fourth Step is to find your “My Properties” section by starting with the “My Account” tab, then selecting “My Website” from the drop down and then further selecting “My Properties”.

    Fifth is to click the blue “Add New Property” button.

    Sixth Step is to fill in the property details and then Save at the Bottom.  After saving the property, view it to see if it looks right, edit as needed and ADD photos.  You can’t add photos or access the extra tab until the property has been added to your list.

  • I already get a discount from Home Depot so I don’t need yours.
    Member Benefit:  2% Rebate at Home Depot

    We hearHome Depot Rebate this time and again from a few hard headed people who just don’t want to open their mind up to the possibility that they could get a check back for 2% on every dollar they spend at Home Depot.  Be it a dollar spent at regular price, and a contractor discounted price, or at some other discount they may have.

    Let’s give you a scenario.  You are a contractor that buys a lot of stuff from Home Depot.  You have a very good relationship with the people at the store.  Because of the amount you spend at the  store the people have negotiated some great deals for you that you get at the cash register every time you check out.  Here at MAREI we like to call it the “Good Ol Boy Discount” and while it’s not the corporate way, we know it happens.  We also know that Home Depot has some awesome discount programs out there in general for different things.  What ever your discount is, keep using it, its great and it’s saving you money.

    But here’s where our discount comes in.  With our discount you are programming the cash register at Home Depot to track what you spend and tell their corporate offices to send you a 2% Rebate every 6 months.  The cash register does not care what other discounts you have negotiated or that get keyed in.  It just wants to know that you spent $10, $100, $1000 or $100,000 before tax and after any savings you might already have.  Then the accountants at corporate take that number twice a year, multiply by 2% send you a rebate.  Simple.

    But there are a few hold outs that just did not believe us so we went directly to the Director of the Program.  He said “The rebate is pulled from the sales that go through our registers so that if a person has negotiated a special price then our rebate would be calculated from the lower price but it does not negate the lower price.  Basically, you can’t lose! “

    So all we can say is – if you spend more than $5000 in one year at Home Depot before sales tax and after any an all other negotiated discounts, then Home Depot will be paying you to be a member of our association.

    Ready to start saving money?  Then click here to join and we will get your Home Depot Savings set up for you.

  • Member Benefit: Marketing of Member Properties
    Member Benefit:  Market Your Properties

    Do you need properties?


    It seems that every investor out there is looking for more properties.  Flippers need houses to rehab.  Landlords need properties to add to their portfolio.  Multi Family Investors are seeking apartments and the Wholesalers they are looking for anything with good numbers.

    So where can you find properties?

    There are all the usualy suspects . .

    1. Get to know all the Realtors who sell investment properties or find a really good buyer’s agent.
    2. Keep an eye on and
    3. Sign up for notifications on sites like
    4. Get on every wholesale email list you can find.
    5. Ramp up your own marketing machine.

    While we are going to be talking in June at MAREI about the whole marketing machine, you may be asking “where do I find these wholesalers and how do I get on their list?”

    You are going to find wholesalers in several places:

    1. At REIA meetings – look for people with flyers of houses and you have probably found the wholesalers.  Talk to people and ask them out to get on their list.
    2. On social media, look for area real estate groups and watch the people marketing properties.
    3. Here in Kansas City check out the local REIA’s website, they often have a way for their members to market properties for sale.  Don’t just look at the properties, but click throught those properties to find your way back to their website and contact them to get put on their list.

    But what if you are a wholesaler?  How can you get the word out about your properties and get people to sign up on your buyers list?

    First:  You need to have a website

    Now you can go out and set up an amazing website using some of the vendors on the MAREI Business Directory and the discounts offered through those vendors.  You may already have an amazing website.

    If you don’t have a website, be sure to activate your FREE website you receive as a member of MAREI.  Just log into and you will find links to activate your website and to add properties to it.

    Second:  Your website needs to collect contact information

    The FREE website that MAREI members receive has a form to collect buyer and seller information.  You may want buyer’s and sellers to go past your free website to the fancy one you have set up seperately.

    Either way you want to build a buyers list and you want to get the buyers who make it to your property you are marketing to sign up as a buyer.  So why not tell them – right in the text to click here or go here to sign up on my buyers list.

    If you are marketing properties on the free MAREI website, you can either put in the text to call you or text you to get added to your list or to sign up as a buyer on your page.  So for example, when I post a property to the MAREI website, I send them back to my personal website and our guy in the field, somethign like this:  “Property Marketed by, please visit to sign up on our buyer’s list and call Scott at 913-735-0018 for more information”

    Third:  Market Properties

    As you get wholesale properties or TurnKey properties, or any other type of properties that an investor would want to buy, be sure to post it on your FREE Website from MAREI.  Be sure to include in the text the basic details about the property and why it might be a good investment.  And be sure to tell them how to reach you because sometimes as the property goes out in all the MAREI marketing, folks reading the post where ever it might be just don’t think to actually click on the posting to get more information and find out how to reach the seller.

    Fourth:  MAREI’s Marketing Machine Takes Over

    As you post a property on your free investor website, the MAREI marketing machine takes over.

    Instantly:  It will go on and on as the latest property available.  It will also shortly after that be posted to Kansas City Real Estate Investors, MAREI’s Facebook Group and to the MAREI Twitter Feed.

    In a Few Days:  The system at will ship out an automated email on Fridays of all the new properties for the week.  This goes out to about 3000 email addresses of people who are either members of MAREI or who have visited a meeting or the website in the past 3 or 4 years.

    And last it will be listed in the e-Update that goes out most weeks to teh entire MAREI email database, which at current time is about 10,000 people.

    So if you need properties, you owe it to yourself to check out the properties available from your fellow members and to take the time to keep clicking until you get to their ultimate webpage.  And if you need to market a property to investors or to build a buyer’s list, you need to post your properties on your MAREI Member Website.

  • Special Member Discount with ConstantContact
    Member Benefit:  Discounts on Email Marketing
    Constant Contact - In Partnership With:
    We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Constant Contact.

    Constant Contact, the leading provider of small business online marketing tools, helps you to stay in touch with customers, sell more, and increase your bottom line.

    Their easy-to-use marketing tools help you communicate effectively, frequently, and safely. The result? More repeat business and referrals!

    Click the button below to start a FREE, no-risk trial now.

    And if you like the trial and want to sign up and save 30% off your first 3 months of service, please use the code SAVEQ117 during the payment process in the “redemption code” window.  Note the code will only work if you are signing up through MAREI’s referral partner link .
  • MAREI Member Benefit: Office Depot and Office Max
    Member Benefits:  Discounts at Office Depot / Office Max

    Thanks to the partnership between OfficDepot® and MidAmerica Association of REIyou can now enjoy the benefits of our StorPurchasing Card Program. 

    • Over 1,100 retail store locations across the US.
    • Find the supplies you need the same day, in store.
    • In Store Discount Card & Discounted Link for MAREI Members & National REIA Members
    • Get discount services from our Copy & Print Depot™
      • Black & white copies ……….. $0.025 each.
      • Color copies …………………… $0.22 each.
      • Binding, folding, cutting …… 40% off the retail price.
    • Choose from thousands of environmentally conscious  products for your your green goals.
    • Use your Store Purchasing Card throughout the life of  your contract.
    • And use our online portal.

    To give you an example of savings.  On a purchase the MAREI office was making recetly, we had a bill of about $100 before they swiped our dicount card and after it was $74.00.  So on one trip to buy office supplies for a MAREI meeting and we saved $25.  We also use the online portal for all of our major printing jobs of flyers, postcards and newsletter and we are seeing a significant discounted savings over using other printing services.

    To obtain your discount card and to access and set up your own discounted online account, please consult the downloads section at

    You will also find flyers in the MAREI Member Benefit Magazine that all members receive when they join or renew and we also post member discounts in the online library we maintain for MAREI Members.

    Not yet a member?  If you do any amount of printing or purchasing of office materials at Office Depot or Office Max, you will pay for your membership in four or less purchases.

    Click Here to Learn More about Membership.

  • Home Depot Results for the last 1/2 of 2016
    Member Benefit:  2% Rebate for Last Half of 2016

    As you know for every dollar MAREI member’s spend, The Home Depot Rebates 2% back to the members.

    We just received the results from the last 1/2 of 2016.

    In the Kansas City Metro Area you all spent $9,428,600.36 at The Home Depot.  They in turn rebated $188,572.01 which if you do the math is indeed 2%.

    Those rebates were mostly sent out as Home Depot Gift Cards.  PLEASE NOTE you can register those gift cards for a further rebate of 2% on your 2%.

    If you are not set up to get this awesome benefit as a member of MAREI, please contact us and ask us to help you get set up.

  • How to I access this benefit.
    Member Benefit Guide


    We get calls and emails every day asking how do I access the discount at Office Max or how do I get set up for the Home Depot 2 % Rebate.

    There are quite a few ways.

    First when you join we email you the MAREI Member Benefit Guide.  We email this to you about 3 times, just to make sure you actually get it, actually open it up and actually use the discounts.

    Didn’t see it?  Don’t worry your not alone.  We would estimate that 2 out of 10 people actually open it up and look at it.  Its a shame too becuase we worked really hard to assemble that booklet and if you open it up and use the discounts, the average member is going to save about $750 over the year.

    You missed it now what.

    We have a members only site that does require you to log in, and once you do you can access so much, all your receipts at MAREI, the Membership Database so you can see who does what and reach out to them via email.  You can access your member wesite and you can also get the MAREI Member Benefit Guide in its complete form as well as download flyers on the more profitable discounts.

    Step #1:  Go to and log into the website.  The log in page as well as all your member benefits can be accessed from the “My Account” Tab.

    Step #2:  Explore all the options under the “My Acount” Tab, you might find something very helpful you didn’t know about.

    1.  Member Benefit Guide:  Download this and save it on your hard drive.  When we updated it once or twice a year, we will email you a new copy.
    2. My Dashboard:  this gives you a quick glance at what is going on at MAREI, how many actie members we have, your account details, your website, and a way to search for other members.
    3. My Website:  pretty self explanatory.
    4. My Downloads:  This has individual flyers on all the discounts, like Home Depot and Office Max, plus any own loadable item you may have purcahsed.
    5. Member Directory:  You can access the entire list of active members here.
    6. Member Forms & Contracts:  Again fairly self explanatory.
    7. Member Discounts:  Web Page Version of Access to all the Member Discounts and Flyers about Discounts
    8. Member Forum:  Ok so we don’t have a private member forum.  But if you join us on our Facebook Group, you have found the best place to ask questions.
    9. Member Library:  We have a days of real estate investor informatin you can access in the online library – PLUS you guessed it, the Member Benefit Guide and Flyers on all the Member Discounts.
    10. How to Videos: Here are some great tips on getting your website at MAREI set up and running.
    11. My Profile:  This is where you update your contact info, decide what to share with other members, see your receipts from MAREI and track what events you have attended.
  • Member Benefit: Free Leases when you use RentPerfect Screening
    Member Benefit:  FREE Leases from Rent Perfect

    You already know that Rent Perfect is the easiest and most effective way to screen your tenants. We are now bringing the same ease of use and technology to the next step in the process: the Lease. Our standard Rent Perfect lease provides you with improved areas of legal coverage designed to protect your investment. And if our standard lease doesn’t fit your needs, Rent Perfect gives you a customizable lease that lets you tailor it to meet your exact needs. Start experiencing Total Landlord Protection with your personalized, property specific lease today FREE for a limited time.

    MAREI Member, be sure to check into our member guide to get your discounted link to get set up with RentPerfect, all others click here.

    Basic Screening Cost is $35 for a criminal and background report.  The landlord can choose to pay with a credit card on file or they can have the applicant pay the fee them self.  It includes:

    • instant full experian credit report with score
    • instant criminal report from database
    • instant address history report
    • 4-6 business hours-private investigator background investigation (criminal and eviction records)
    • rental recommendation
    • form adverse action letter