Member Benefit: Marketing of Member Properties

Member Benefit:  Market Your Properties

Do you need properties?


It seems that every investor out there is looking for more properties.  Flippers need houses to rehab.  Landlords need properties to add to their portfolio.  Multi Family Investors are seeking apartments and the Wholesalers they are looking for anything with good numbers.

So where can you find properties?

There are all the usualy suspects . .

  1. Get to know all the Realtors who sell investment properties or find a really good buyer’s agent.
  2. Keep an eye on and
  3. Sign up for notifications on sites like
  4. Get on every wholesale email list you can find.
  5. Ramp up your own marketing machine.

While we are going to be talking in June at MAREI about the whole marketing machine, you may be asking “where do I find these wholesalers and how do I get on their list?”

You are going to find wholesalers in several places:

  1. At REIA meetings – look for people with flyers of houses and you have probably found the wholesalers.  Talk to people and ask them out to get on their list.
  2. On social media, look for area real estate groups and watch the people marketing properties.
  3. Here in Kansas City check out the local REIA’s website, they often have a way for their members to market properties for sale.  Don’t just look at the properties, but click throught those properties to find your way back to their website and contact them to get put on their list.

But what if you are a wholesaler?  How can you get the word out about your properties and get people to sign up on your buyers list?

First:  You need to have a website

Now you can go out and set up an amazing website using some of the vendors on the MAREI Business Directory and the discounts offered through those vendors.  You may already have an amazing website.

If you don’t have a website, be sure to activate your FREE website you receive as a member of MAREI.  Just log into and you will find links to activate your website and to add properties to it.

Second:  Your website needs to collect contact information

The FREE website that MAREI members receive has a form to collect buyer and seller information.  You may want buyer’s and sellers to go past your free website to the fancy one you have set up seperately.

Either way you want to build a buyers list and you want to get the buyers who make it to your property you are marketing to sign up as a buyer.  So why not tell them – right in the text to click here or go here to sign up on my buyers list.

If you are marketing properties on the free MAREI website, you can either put in the text to call you or text you to get added to your list or to sign up as a buyer on your page.  So for example, when I post a property to the MAREI website, I send them back to my personal website and our guy in the field, somethign like this:  “Property Marketed by, please visit to sign up on our buyer’s list and call Scott at 913-735-0018 for more information”

Third:  Market Properties

As you get wholesale properties or TurnKey properties, or any other type of properties that an investor would want to buy, be sure to post it on your FREE Website from MAREI.  Be sure to include in the text the basic details about the property and why it might be a good investment.  And be sure to tell them how to reach you because sometimes as the property goes out in all the MAREI marketing, folks reading the post where ever it might be just don’t think to actually click on the posting to get more information and find out how to reach the seller.

Fourth:  MAREI’s Marketing Machine Takes Over

As you post a property on your free investor website, the MAREI marketing machine takes over.

Instantly:  It will go on and on as the latest property available.  It will also shortly after that be posted to Kansas City Real Estate Investors, MAREI’s Facebook Group and to the MAREI Twitter Feed.

In a Few Days:  The system at will ship out an automated email on Fridays of all the new properties for the week.  This goes out to about 3000 email addresses of people who are either members of MAREI or who have visited a meeting or the website in the past 3 or 4 years.

And last it will be listed in the e-Update that goes out most weeks to teh entire MAREI email database, which at current time is about 10,000 people.

So if you need properties, you owe it to yourself to check out the properties available from your fellow members and to take the time to keep clicking until you get to their ultimate webpage.  And if you need to market a property to investors or to build a buyer’s list, you need to post your properties on your MAREI Member Website.