Marketing Property on the MAREI Website

All Members of MAREI receive a Real Estate Investor Website with their membership  where they can market their properties for sale.  After activating the website members can then post their properties for sale and once posted the MAREI system will market the property for you by posting it on our website and it will go out on our Property Leads email and in our bi-weekly e-Update.  Properties also get posted to the national page.

Because we have been seeing some really weird things coming through of late, we wanted to give you some pointers.

Be sure to use an address with the property listing

If you do not put an address in the system, it might come out on the websites without the proper information and it may not show up in our emails.  Quite often listings without addresses get flagged as a fake listing and get removed.  Be sure to use the correct address so the map feature will pull up the property correctly.  Double check you picked the right state.

Be sure you have property rights to market

If you are a Realtor, you can market any property you have a valid listing on.  If you own the property you can market the house.  Where we get into problems is with our wholesale properties.  We often see that one wholesaler owns the property but 3 other bird dogs are trying to find a buyer and all 3 posts it on our website.  That causes problems and we will remove all listings.  If you don’t own it but have it under contract, technically you can’t market the property you can, however, market the Contract on the property.  (Contract on 123 Main Street)

Photos of the Property

We see many coming out with no photos or sideways photos.  Those lacking photos did not take the extra step to upload the photos. Once property details are posted, the option is given to load photos, some miss that step.  We suggest using landscape or the short wide photo.  If you use a portrait or a tall thin photo, the system will turn it sideways and make your listing look weird.

Fill Out All the Boxes

As you put in the listing, make sure all the boxes are filled out and take note of how much text you can put in the box.  If you look at the photo at the top, you will see that some people put in more information than others.

Contact Information

As you fill out the largest box of text, we suggest including your name and phone number OR if you have a different website that you put a lot of time and money into you might include it in the Headline Box so your website goes out on posts of the property.

Administrative Functions

The system will also post your property to the following national sites:

Here are some links:

  • MAREI Property Listing Page:  browse through to see how other members have posted and take note of the tips above and see who followed the tips, who did not and who had even better ideas:  Click Here
  • Sample Property:  we set up a sample property, it is a real address so the map feature will work in the example, but the property is not for sale.  Note the how the tips were used.  Click Here

2 thoughts on “Marketing Property on the MAREI Website”

  1. Could you clarify in layman’s terms: If you have it under option or contract to purchase, you can market the contract, just not the property? Would appreciate it! !!!

    1. If you have written a contract to purchase a piece of real estate or an option to purchase a piece of real estate that the seller has agreed to and signed off on. You are now the proud owner of a contract and as such you can market that contract for sale – you could assign the contract and get an assignment fee. So you could post that you have a contract on house at 123 main street that you would like to assign. However, you do not own the house, so you really should not post the house with photos, etc. Now if you have a listing agreement as a realtor you are good to go or if you own the house outright, then you would be ok.

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