Marketing Property on the MAREI Website

As members of MAREI, you receive a free website where you can post and market your properties.  In turn they show up on the MAREI website and go out automatically via email and social medial.

However, we have had a few issues and glitches and we wanted to update you a bit.

  1.  What can you market:  Any property that you currently own or have a valid listing agreement.  If you have it under contract, but have not yet purchased it, you can market your contract on that property.  Otherwise, if you are just fishing for buyers before you commit to your sellers, please do not market at MAREI as that is technically illegal.
  2. Always put a photo on your listing.  After you enter the property and it’s information, you will have an option to enter photos.  We recommend a landscape style photo for your primary photo – it works well through out all of the automated marketing.
  3. Fill out the listing completely.  That means we want an address, a price, a headline, a property description and as much of the other info boxes filled in as you can – it will help you in marketing your property.
  4. And as you enter the listing, if you are an agent, you have an option to choose owner agent and keep you compliant with the real estate board.
  5. If you don’t have an address on your listing, we will not publish it on the eUpdate.

We also had a Realtor who printed off a house from the MLS and copy and pasted his business card to that to make a flyer of the property.  Again if you don’t own it or have a valid listing agreement as a Realtor, you can’t market the property at MAREI.  If you have it under option or contract to purchase, you can market the contract, just not the property.

2 thoughts on “Marketing Property on the MAREI Website”

  1. Could you clarify in layman’s terms: If you have it under option or contract to purchase, you can market the contract, just not the property? Would appreciate it! !!!

    1. If you have written a contract to purchase a piece of real estate or an option to purchase a piece of real estate that the seller has agreed to and signed off on. You are now the proud owner of a contract and as such you can market that contract for sale – you could assign the contract and get an assignment fee. So you could post that you have a contract on house at 123 main street that you would like to assign. However, you do not own the house, so you really should not post the house with photos, etc. Now if you have a listing agreement as a realtor you are good to go or if you own the house outright, then you would be ok.

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