Marketing my business at MAREI

We have been receiving a lot of calls of late on how to advertise different companies at MAREI.

First we don’t “promote” any business, but if you have a business that you would like to promote, as long as it pertains to real estate or the management of a small business, then you have quite a few options for advertising.

One word of caution here, just one ad or just having one table at a meeting is NOT going to do any good really, so don’t waste your time.  One ad or a table puts you in front of the group for about 2 minutes and unless the person seeing you  is actually looking for your product or service, they will not remember you three months down the road when they are looking for someone.  So having multiple ways for people to see you and build a memory of you so that when they need you, they go “Oh yea, that guy I met at the meeting.”  or “I saw that ad in the newlsetter”.

So for this reason alone, we highly recommend a business membership so that you can

  1. Participate in the meetings as a member
  2. Participate in the social media sites as a member
  3. Have an ad in the RE Investment News (MAREI’s Newsletter)
  4. Have an ad on the Website
  5. Get send out in our email newsletter that goes out most mondays
  6. Have a minimum of 3 Vendor Tables at Meetings Each Year (and when you have a vendor table, usually speak for 1 minute during announcements)
  7. All for just $499 a year.

Of course you could do all of this individually by placing an ad here or reserving a vendor table there, but the cost can add up to way more than the cost of a business membership.

You also have some other options that a few of our members are just figuring out.

So some other options to generate business might include:

  • Writing a blog post for the MAREI website
  • Recording a Video for the MAREI YouTube Page
  • Writing an Article for the newsletter
  • Preparing a Workshop
  • Sparking a conversation on a Social Media Site

The one request we have for all of the above is that whatever you create needs to be educational in nature and teach the viewer something.