MAREI Workshop: Plan, Protect & Manage Your Real Estate Business & Keep the IRS Out of Your Business with John Hyre

Saturday, October 21st @9:00 AM – Holiday Inn

MAREI Workshop:
Protect Your Assets
Tax Attorney & Investor John Hyre

QuickBooks for Real Estate Investors, Plan for Tax Deductions & Don’t Blow Up your Self-Directed Accounts

We had 4 cancellations and 2 new sign up from the wait list, so at the time of this post, we have 2 seats left.


Keeping Good Records

John will put his QuickBooks program up on the screen LIVE and walk you through the set up of a real estate company, step-by-step.

Then he will take you through simple accounting so you keep your records correctly:

  • Funding the Company
  • Getting Property Purchase and Sales “on the Books”
  • Producing an Income Statement for Each Property
  • Producing a Balance Sheet for Each Property
  • How to record everyday transactions – like writing a check, recording a credit card purchase, or making a deposit.

If you are not keeping excellent records, you are subject to automatic IRS penalties, overpaying the return preparer and you can’t plan to minimize your taxes and you can forget about your entity providing any asset protection.

Using Self Directed IRA & 401(k)s

  • How one landlord got 50+ free & clear rentals in his Self Directed Roth IRA.
  • How to grow a Roth with preferred dividends.
  • How to invest your Roth in flips and not pay UBIT.
  • John’s favorite type of retirement account and why!
  • The 2 top “Prohibited Transactions” that destroy Real Estate Investors’ Self Directed IRAs
  • Medical Tourism  . . . Tax-free.
  • Primary, secondary and university education and home computing needs  . . . again tax-free.

Tax Deduction Best Practices

  • When being classed as a “real estate professional”  matters to you and how to qualify.
  • The best ways to deduct meals, entertainment, and vacation-like trips.
  • Accelerating Depreciation – HUGE for Landlords.
  • Changes in IRS “substance over form” attacks.
  • Why the “Dealer” issue is overdone.
  • Reimbursing yourself from your business – the one thing most of you are missing.
  • Converting personal use property, like college textbooks to business use.
  • Filling your home with tax-deductible furniture.
  • Renting your home to your business – tax-free.
  • Have a pressing tax question, send them into MAREI in advance and John will do his best to answer them.

Held at the Holiday Inn – 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park.

John will also be bringing his 3 courses with him: