MAREI Supporting their Membership

There are a bunch of different groups out there for member’s to chose from when it comes to a Real Estate Investor Association.  We encourage all members to check out several different options and attend several different meetings to get some different perspectives and different circles of people.

We often get asked, “Why should I choose MAREI over another group?”

There are a lot of similarities between groups.  They all have members, they all meet for networking and most offer some sort of educational benefit.

What sets MAREI apart is their efforts at being a National Trade Association.

We have a higher standard of benefit that the average Club or MeetUp Group.

Big Deal!  Right?

Let’s look at some of the benefits that we offer that make us a bit different.

Educational Programs:  Here at MAREI we strive to bring you the best in educational opportunities both in Real Estate Investing as well as the management of Small Businesses.  To that end we work hard to find quality presenters to speak at our monthly meetings, to teach Workshops and to offer Seminars.  We work hard to make sure they are dynamic speakers with quality and timely information.

We also like to find local members who have info to share with the association.  We like to make sure they know what they are doing and that they are well respected in their industry. To that end if you are an expert in your field and would like to share your knowledge, please get in touch with us.

Government Affairs:  As Business Owners we are all concerned with changes coming from our local, state and national governments or the lack of changes coming depending on the issue.  Here at MAREI we work to keep our members informed of the issues and give you tools to make your voice heard with your legislators.  Currently we do this out of existing membership dues without asking for extra dollars.  However we are being asked to join and support state organizations and we are considering an increase of $10 per person.

We get quite a bit of information from several National and State Association who have a similar agenda as we do as Real Estate Professionals.  Where we really need our member’s help is at the local level.  Currently we are working with the Missouri Property Owners in dealing with issues with Missouri Issues and The Associated Landlords of Kansas on Kansas Issues..

Code of Ethics:  MAREI has a written Code of Ethics that all members need to adopt or use as a model for structuring their own code of ethics.  Because of many Investors and Landlords Operating with out any type of ethics structure, it has been the wild wild west from time to time.  When formulating your marketing to buyers, sellers, private lenders and others, it is very beneficial to show that you are a member of an ethical trade association and that you have your own code of ethics.

When you open the paper or watch a news program, the only time you are going to usually see a Real Estate Investor or Landlord is when something goes wrong.  The general public will remember this bad thing that was probably caused by a criminal, not a professional real estate investor.  So to give yourself and your industry a stronger voice, you need to be a part of something that is bigger than one person or company.  We strive to be the choice of the real estate professional so that we can all have a similar code of conduct, be similarly educated and when it comes time to face an issue, that we can come together with one unified voice to solve that problem.

If you are not a member of MAREI, we invite you to join us today.