MAREI Quick Tips: Member Property Postings

As a member of MAREI, you have probably seen our MAREI Property Leads Email that comes out once a day when ever there are new properties posted.  But as we are still getting a lot of calls about these properties here at the MAREI office, we have some tips for people looking for properties as well as for people posting properties.

MAREI Property Leads

First for the people looking at these emails as they come out.  Please note that these are not properties owned, listed or marketed by MAREI.  This is more of a classified email service for all members.  When a member activates their own website and posts a property, it in turn gets posted on the MAREI website and then emailed out to you.

To find out more about these properties, don’t call or email MAREI, you need to actually click on the blue link in the email to open up the actual listing on the website.  You may find the seller contact info in the text should the seller include it, however you may need to scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the blue text that says:   View on Property Owners Website.  There you will get the property owners phone number and a way to email them directly.

Now for those people posting properties.  Because of the issues above I would make sure you put your name and phone number in the text about your property.  Then the viewers only have to click on the property in the email and then view it on the MAREI site and they will get your phone number with out having to click to view on your website.

You could take it even a step further and in the heading information, include your name and phone, and then your contact info would be in the Property Leads Email.

I also suggest when you post a property to include as much detailed info as possible and to include at least 3 photos.

One other thing I highly recommend is scrolling through other members postings on to see what they have done with their listings to get ideas.  And if you are just posting properties on your free member website, but have another site you would like people to go to, include that in your text as well.  Possibly something like we have an ever changing inventory of houses that sell quickly.  Be sure to see this inventory first, sign up as a buyer on our website at

Hope this gives you some ideas.  Click Here to see all the houses available for sale from MAREI Members.  And remember – the Property Leads email goes out to over 3000 real estate professionals plus properties go out on or social media pages as well.