MAREI Q & A: Why should I test my house for lead

Question:  At a past meeting Don Tucker was talking about a rehab and that he had Titan Environmental test his house for lead and that you should do that on your rehabs.  Why, then you know their is lead and have to disclose it.  I always check the box that I have no knowledge.

Answer:  When renovating a home built before 1978 your general contractor  (or you if you do your own work on a house to sell or to rent out) need to be lead certified and follow lead safe work practices that require a lot of extra work and materials.  If you test your home for lead, you can identify what areas there may be lead where you need to take precautions, document your precautions and save all the paperwork to keep the EPA happy.  However if you test and determine their is no lead, then you just need to document that no lead was found and you don’t have as many lead safe work practices to follow.

Titan Training CalendarWe highly recommend that if you have questions about lead in the homes you may be renovating, the need to be lead certified or just what is lead safe work practices or RRP training, then you need to attend the April 8th MAREI meeting when Kyle Gunion from Titan Environmental will be discussing bad things in our houses.  Or better yet, visit Titan’s Training Calendar to become certified.