MAREI Needs Your Help for the July MAREI Meeting

MAREI really needs your help for the July 14th MAREI Meeting.  July is our month for our Networking Night, the night we raise meals for Harvesters.

Last year MAREI Members and Guest raised enough money to produce 18,000 meals – is that awesome or what!!  This year we want to raise funds for $20,000 meals or $4,000.  We are still going to have our raffle with door prices and take a $5 suggested donation at the door from all guests and members if they will share.  We are also donating all Sponsor fees to the pot.

Plus this year the event falls on All Star Game night . . . so we have are having an All Star Networking night – see our flyer below.

So we need your help . . . .

  1. First we need you to share this with everyone you know so they will come and party with us and help us raise money.
  2. Next we need you to RSVP if you plan to attend so we have a rough idea of how many hot dogs we will need and the bar tender will be well stocked.
  3. We also need to get our sponsors booked ASAP.  If you would like to learn more about sponsoring click here.  You can also reserve space here.
  4. We are also looking for a few experts to be a coach on a few topics so people can ask questions.
  5. And last we could use some help with set up, clean up and getting the game playing on the screen.