MAREI Member Profiles – find the person for whom you are searching!

Question Via Voice Mail:  We’re looking for contractors, and I went on the MAREI website, and I’m only seeing two.  Where are the others advertising?  Is there another place I should look?

Answer:  If you are looking for where business members of MAREI are advertising, you will find them on the Business Directory Page and right now we do have two contractors:

If  however you are just looking for MAREI members you can log into and click on the “My Account” tab to go to your dash board.  Here you will find something that looks like the below photo

MAREI Member Profiles

Right now there are 20 members of MAREI who have updated their own profile within the system to reflect that they are contractors, 63 people say they are rehabbers, 4 say they are Mortgage Brokers and 19 are Property Managers.

You can also click on Search for Other Members and then modify the search to get a search box to search by all the other types of members:

search member profiles