MAREI Member Benfit: Bed Bug Traps Now Available

There has been a lot of talk lately about the growing problem of bed bugs and how to deal with them. Unlike other vermin and pests which can e controlled and eliminated using any number of methods, effective solutions to detect and prevent bed bug infestations are limited.  Fortunately, National REIA has recently parntered with ClearVue Technologies to provide Members with a new alternative that has proven effectie and affordable for residential property managers and owners.  ClearVue Bed Bug Traps:  are now shipping wiht a discount available to National REIA and MAREI members. (use the coupon code “NREIA” at

Bed bugs are attracted to you while you sleep by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) you exhale when you breath.  ClearVue Bed Bug Traps use the bed bug’s natural instict to attract and intercept these pests as they come looking for you.  The traps use a safe, low-level, CO2 beacon which mimics the exhaled breath of a human.  The CO2 becomes highly concentrated within the base of the trap, simulating a meal that bed bugs cannnot resist.  These traps use scientifically designed, patent pending technology to mimic the favorite food of the bed bug:  you!

As we’ve learned, the scale of this problem has reached global proportions.  Bed bugs do not discriminate.  They know no social barriers and affect people of all incomes in all neighborhoods.  They take up residence in apartments, condos, houses, hotels, schools, public transportation, hospitals, businesses, and even movie theaters.  This means that even if you have an exceptionally clean and well-kept home, your normal daily activities give bed bugs a way to hitch a ride home with you.

Here’s the scary part:  just one egg-laying female (the sie of an apple seed) can produce a full infestation of bed bugs in just a few weeks (yikes!).  Even worse, you’re very unlikely to detect bed bugs in your home until you have thousands of them already living with you.

Bed bugs can hide in paper-thin crevices and typically come out at night to feed on blood from you, your kids and your pets.  They are so incredibly tiny they’re able to spread from room-to-room using the wall outlets and even the air vents.  If your neighboring apartment has bed bugs, you’re only six inches away from having them as well.

Too close for comfort?  You bet.

These little vampires only feed on fresh blook.  In some severe cases, people have been bitten hundreds of times in one night!  By the time you see even one bed bug, there are usually hundreds or thousands more hiding nearby.

So what can be done?  The number on strategy recommended by the EPA and the Centers for Disease Control is to use insect monitors to detect bed bugs fater and earlier.

That’s where the new ClearVue Bed Bug Traps come into play.  They intercept hungry bed bugs that come out of hiding, seeking a meal.  Once the trap is activated and producing CO2, the bed bugs’ natural instincts compel them to follow the beacon emanating from the trap to its source.  Once trapped (safely inside on the glue surface), the patent-pending design ensures trapped bed bugs caonnot escape.

ClearVue Traps have been filed tested and proven effective in several trials:

  • A multi-family apartment with a severe infestation. After repeated use of Clearvue Bed Bug Traps, several thousand bed bugs were captured and the tenants reported no more bites.
  • A major hotel that had been spraying rooms with pesticide powders and sprays for 15 years without success.  Immediately following professional spray treatments, physical inspections revealed no more bed bugs in the rooms.  However, ClearVue Bed Bug Traps continued to draw out and trap more, finishing the job pro exterminators started.
  • A validation test by a top regional pest control company.  Hundreds of bed bugs were intercepted before they could reach their human prey.
  • An apartment that had been sprayed weekly for nine weeks in a row.  Within 15 minutes of placing a ClearVue trap, and adult female bed bug was captured.

The trap is safe and easy to activate, and features secure disposability.  Simply place on trap on teh floor by the bedposts at the head of your bed for monitorin, or one at all four bedposts for further protection.  Traps can also be placed near other furniture susceptible to bed bug infestation.

ClearVue Bed Bug Traps combine the best features of proven traps, including a pitfall ledge taht bed bugs love to climb, a pressure sensitive glue floor to trap bugs forever, and of course, the active beacon technology to produce the CO2 attractant that bed bugs can’t resist.  Best of all, ClearVue traps are disposable and include a sealable plastic bag for No Touch, No Escape disposal, enusuring the trapped bed bugs remain contained without risking contact or release.

ClearVue’s active traps are non-toxic and pesticide-free.  Each trap takes less than a minute to prepare and place, and protects your family for weeks.  The traps are easy to to use, discreet to deploy and are small enough to be hidden throughout your home.  They measure 4″x3″ at the base and are just 1″ tall.  The traps feature the dark colors that bed bugs are proven to love.

ClearVue Bed Bug Traps are available in a Starter Pack of 2 traps, a Value Pack of 12 traps, and a Bulk Pack of 100 traps.  The larger package sizes come with a volume discount.  ClearVue also offers an annual subscription plan with monthly replacement traps (2 traps delivered per month)

Act now to protect your family, your tenants and your investment.  As an introductory offer, National REIA and MAREI members receive a 10% discount on all purchases.  To order your traps, visit and enter our Coupon Code.

MAREI Member’s can find our discount code by logging in at and visiting our memember discount page.