MAREI Logo Policy

From time to time MAREI Members ask if they can show their membership in MAREI on their website or on other marketing materials.  The answer is yes, with conditions.

  1. To use the MAREI logo on your website, you must be a current member of MAREI. To make sure your membership does not lapse, you can set your membership to auto-renew every year, every month or every quarter.  Should your membership lapse for more than 30 days, you will need to remove the logo.


  1. To use the MAREI logo, you must have a signed code of ethics on file with MAREI. You can print out and sign the attached code of ethics and scan it back to  We will keep it on file and added it to our public list of Member’s who have signed our code of ethics.  (Click to Download Code of Ethics)


  1. On Web Sites: You can list the name member of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors and use the logo below, please link both to


  1. On Marketing Materials: If you list affiliations and memberships, you can list us with our acronym MAREI or our full name.


Please use the following logos: