MAREI Library 2015: New Feature

MAREI Library 2015: New Feature

If you have not checked out the MAREI Library, you should log into and check it out.

MAREI has been collecting digital materials for over 10 years and it is packed with information on just about every topic related to real estate investing.

We are also collecting new information every month and loading it into the library.

But how to let you know what is new?

We use Google Drive, so we can’t really put a little “this is new” icon next to new items like other sites might.  But we have implemented a brand new folder at the top of the list called “New This Month” .  So over the month as we upload new items in the to correct folder by topic, we will also put it in the New Items this month.  That way if you are coming in and have already explored the entire library and wanted to see what might be NEW this month, you can start there.

To access the MAREI Member Library:

  • Locate Your Username and Password
  • Go to
  • Log In
  • Then under the heading of “My Account” select “Member Library” from the drop down
  • Then you have the direct link to the Google Drive that houses the MAREI Library

If you have something you would like to contribute to the library, please email us and we will review it for inclusion in the library.

If you can’t remember your Username and Password, it should be the Email Address you used when you joined.  You can then click on the “forgot password” to request a reset.  If that does not work because either you don’t remember your email or you changed it somewhere along the line and did not tell us or perhaps you joined on paper and we did not transcribe your hand writing correctly, then use the contact form to email us for assistance.