MAREI Legislative Update

There are a lot of bills that real estate professionals need to know about and to take action on THIS WEEK.


Support HR 1360:  The Seller Finance Enhancement Act.

This legislation would amend Dodd/Frank to allow up to 24 seller-financed transactions per yea without the need for the seller to be a licensed as a mortgage originator.

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Support Missouri HB 1189:  Interior Inspections

This Bill would change laws regarding local ordinaces tso that no political subdivision may require interior inspections of private residences with out the consent fo the lawful occupant.

Learn More, Take Action – Hearing Wednesday April 5th

Support Missouri HB 848:  Constructive Eviction

Would return Missouri State law on constructive eviction that would require a tenant who is claiming a defence of breach of implied warranty of habitability, who continues to live in the premises, to deposit any then-owned rent into the court’s depository and to continue to deposit any rent due in accordance with the lease during litigation unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Learn More, Take Action – Hearing Tuesday April 4th

Missouri SB 286:  LLC Registration of Property Ownership

This would amend the rules regarding registration of properties in Kansas City and Independence to further register a real person as contact.

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STOP HB 608 and 632 / Support HB 988:  Missouri Vacation Rental Legislation

HB 608 claims to support the short term rental owner by prohibiting political subdivisions from enacting laws to limit or prohibit short term rentals after a particular date.  This bill is legitimizing restrictions on short term rentals which are currently not legislated, and enticing cities to hurry to get laws prohibiting and limiting short term rentals before the cut off date.  Will further generate rules to treat larger homes as hotels with catastrophic costs.  HB 632 proposes new taxes.

HB 988 truley supports the short term rental owner and has been offered as an alternative to HB608 and HB 632

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