MAREI June Meeting: Marketing for Motivated Sellers with Kathy Kennebrook, Tuesday June 13, Overland Park, KS

Tuesday, June 13th @ 6:00pm at Holiday Inn at 87th & 69 Hwy in Overland Park
MAREI June Meeting
Get Your Phone Ringing Off the Hook
with Motivated Sellers
“The Marketing Magic Lady!”
June 13th @ Holiday Inn
MAREI Members & 1st Time Guests can attend at NO CHARGE
Guests can pre-register now for $15.  All Others pay  $25 at the door.

If you’ve been sitting around waiting for the right deal to fall into your lap—or if you’ve been actively pursuing deals but just not finding any—you need, and we mean NEED, to hear what Kathy has to say about how she gets motivated sellers to call in droves, begging her to buy their homes.

Before jumping into real estate, Kathy Kennebrook logged more than 22 years in banking and sales, traveling all over the country for her job, hating the time it took from her family, but hoping…waiting…for her corporate job to make her rich.

She finally got sick of working more than 40 hours a week and STILL just scraping by, so she fired her boss and got into real estate, instead. Using her marketing and sales expertise, she built her wholesale, retail, and landlording business a lightning speed, completing over 250 deals in just 6 years.

Find out how Kathy Kennebrook made a seven figure income in just 12 short months using her Unique Direct Mail Strategies to locate motivated sellers. Learn how you can do the same in your pajamas without licking a single stamp! You will learn:

  • How to carve a unique niche market that other Real Estate Investors simply don’t know about.
  • How to implement a dummy proof, affordable and efficient “cookie cutter” marketing system that will have motivated, qualified sellers contacting you in droves practically begging you to take their property off their hands.
  • How to use Kathy’s special response mechanism that gets motivated sellers contacting her quickly giving her all the information she needs to make the deal without ever leaving her desk.
  • How to create a “cookie cutter” system to get your properties sold quickly.
  • How to use attorneys to find you great deals on distressed properties and new private lenders for your real estate business.
  • How to use wholesale buyers to bird dog for you, build your lead base and make even more money for you by buying the properties from you when you get them under contract.
  • How to make the deal on the phone before you ever go see a property.
  • How to implement a simple system to manage and track your marketing, your sellers, your buyers and your deals so you can get huge profits coming in even more quickly.

So, do yourself a favor, put a big red X on your calendar for the 13th so you will remember to join us to learn everything you can from Kathy in about 90 minutes at the June MAREI Meeting on Tuesday the 13th. Be sure to bring business cards for networking and something to take notes as you will want to write all fo these tips down.

As always, Networking starts at 6pm, announcements are at 7:00 and  Kathy starts at 7:20.  MAREI Members can attend the event at no charge and Non-Members can Register Online for $15 or pay $25.00 at the door. Be sure to bring your business cards and flyers and join us for an evening of real estate deals, vendors, networking, education and fun! See you there! RSVP Now!


Tuesday holds 1 Credits for your Professional Housing Provider Designation at MAREI.  Must be a member of MAREI to receive PHP Credit.

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