MAREI & Home Depot Pro Rewards 2% Rebate Program

MAREI & Home Depot Pro Rewards 2% Rebate Program

Saving at Home Depot

As a MAREI member, you are eligible to enroll in the Home Depot Pro Rewards program. This exclusive program is not available to the general public, and most of the Home Depot employees don’t even know about it.

The Home Depot will give MAREI members a 2% rebate on all your purchases. This rebate is paid twice a year:

  • January through June – Paid at the end of July
  • July through December – Paid at the end of January

All you need to do is enroll in the program and register your payment methods. It is FREE to enroll with your MAREI Membership.

Already registered?
Make sure your cards and tenders are up to date:
Login to

The login link to the Home Depot Pro Rewards program is located below your profile info. While you can store your username and password to the program within your profile (its a feature of our website provider) we highly recommend YOU NOT do this because if someone were to some how get into the MAREIMember admin section they would then have access to your Home Depot Rebate accounts and we don’t want that.

If you haven’t already registered for the Home Depot Pro Rewards 2% Rebate program for MAREI Members, then you should do so now so that you get the 2% Rebate check for all your Home Depot Purchases for the next cycle of January 1st – June 30th. Those checks will be going out at the end of July.

We have several ways for you to get registered:

First make sure you are a member of MAREI:  Join MAREI Here.

Automatic Email Sent to Home Depot:  When you first join the system generates and email to the team at Home Depot.  They will then in turn give you a call to set up everything over the phone.  Please note this phone call does come from Augeo Marketing and they will be asking you about credit card and bank account numbers.  They will attempt to reach you 3 times, after that you need to select one of the other methods.

Manual Email Sent to Home Depot:  At anytime during your membership you can go to and login.  Then from the home page you will see a link to click to register for the rebate.  The link requires that you be logged in and once it opens you can fill in your information and click “Enroll” button at the bottom and this will generate the same 3 phone calls from Augeo Marketing as above.

Do it Yourself Online:  You also have the option of going online and setting up your own rebate account and adding (or updating) your accounts.  When you join we mail you a membership package that gives you detailed instructions on how to figure this out and you can always log into and find this letter in your “My Downloads” section under your “My Account” tab.

Call Augeo Marketing:  If you want to get set up fast you can download the Home Depot Letter as listed above and find the toll free number to call in and they can get you set up.  Or if you just can’t figure out downloads, send us an email with what you are looking for and we will verify your membership, generate a letter to Home Depot and provide you with a phone number to call them and get your accounts set up.

What Can be Registered?

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Checking Account Numbers
  • Gift Cards

The Home Depot rebate system tracks all of your account numbers and when any of them are used at any Home Depot anywhere to purchase anything, the cash register will credit this sale to your Pro Account.  The Pro Account has many other benefits beside the 2%, such as emailing of receipts and you can look up past receipts if one gets lost.

What is important to note is that the Rebate usually comes in the form of a Gift Card and many investors use a reloadable Gift Card for their contractors to use for incidentals on the job.  So make sure you register all of your Home Depot Gift Cards so you get your 2% Cash Back on those.

Updating Cards

Because card expire or get canceled, it is always a good idea to at least 4 times a year, collect all of your cards and sit down and call or log into your pro account to update cards and numbers.  We suggest marking your calendar for Jan 5th, April 5th, July 5th, & October 5th.