MAREI April Workshop: Massive Passive Wealth in Apartments, April 22nd

Saturday, April 22nd @ 900:AM at the Holiday Inn in Overland Park
Massive Passive Wealth in Apartments
How Apartment Investing Works in the Real World
A Full Day Workshop with
Anthony Chara
Saturday, April 22nd from 9AM-5PM at

Instead of making $10,000 one time flipping a house, how would you like to make $60,000-$72,000 passive income, EVERY year for the rest of your life, from just ONE deal? In apartments, that’s not just possible: it’s standard.

Wouldn’t you like to know why some people find it easier to buy an Apartment Complex than a single family home? Come learn how they did it and get in on some terrific cash flow.

What you’ll learn at the 1-Day Apartment Workshop:

  • Why you might find apartments EASIER to buy than single family homes
  • How to figure out what an apartment building is really worth, using real numbers from real deals
  • How to “speak the language” so you can negotiate with real sellers in the real world like a real pro
  • How to buy your first apartment building with little or no cash out of your pocket!

You’ll learn more in this 1-day workshop than in many apartment “bootcamps”—guaranteed!  And be sure to bring your own deals to analyze live in the workshop!!

It’s just $29 for MAREI Members  ($49 for two) if you register early

Not yet a memer, its just $59 if you register early.

Early is by April 18th at the meeting, after that regular higher prices kick in.

Register NOW, while there’s room!


Be sure to set the foundation with the April 11th MAREI Meeting where Anthony is going to tell us where to find the good deals, how to work the numbers, how to find funding and how to exit the deal.

Saturday holds 6 Credits for your Professional Housing Provider Designation at MAREI and Tuesday holds 1 Credit.  Must be a member of MAREI to receive PHP Credit.

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