Welcome to the MAREI Member Master Mind

One Goal for the evening is allowing members to connect online.  So we have a few questions for you to answer here on this page.  Review the questions and then using the comments section below this text, share what you are willing to share.  Then after the event is over, you can come back to this page and read the comments left by you and everyone else and maybe find a new connection or two for your real estate business.

Question 1:  Your Name and how we contact you?

Question 2:  What is one thing that would help you in your business right now?  Funding, a Deal to Buy, a new website, a secretary or what ever it is you really need right now in your business.

Question 3:  Where are you located or where do you invest if that might be helpful.

Tonight’s Meeting is sponsored by the Don & Kim Tucker with  KCInvest who is not only a local real estate investment firm here in KC, but also Don & Kim are the founders of MAREI.

Tonight’s Guest is Quincy Long from Quest IRA.