Local Legislative Liaisons

It takes a Village to accomplish anything these days and here at MAREI it is no different.  Every city across the metro is working on new rules and regulations, projects to improve or protect their citizens or to grow their tax base.

There is no way that the management team at MAREI can keep track of everything that is going on and we need your help to stay up to date on all the issues in each of the cities in the metro and to keep the other members informed, so we can all step up when action is needed to support or suppress or redirect the actions of the city councils to protect and enhance our industry.

So if you are a concerned citizen of MAREI and have a particular area of the city that you keep an eye on, please keep us informed here at MAREI.  If there is an issue, MAREI can mobilize the entire membership PLUS several thousand other folks in our connected media to do something to support or oppose the action.

Some issues of which we are aware and would like more information to share with the MAREI contact list.  If any of the following issues are important to you, you are currently following or attending city council meetings or would be able to attend meetings and help us keep the membership informed, please contact us.

  1.  Independence Missouri – Rental Ready – passed in 2016, took effect in 2017, has had changes over the year to reduce the number of items inspected.  Any reports from anyone as to how it is working, are landlords complying and have any tenants had to be evicted because they would not allow the city inspectors into their homes?  Many thanks to Stephen Summers and Michelle Winberry for their input on this.
  2. Kansas City Missouri – Healthy Homes – initiative proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Scott Wagner to go on November 7th 2017 Ballot that was tabled by the committee and the council till 2017.  Local Landlord Advocacy Group is working to get a similar ordinance on the Ballot in April and several Members of MAREI are working on a committee in conjunction with  KCRAR, Heartland Apartment Association, WinVestor’s,  and Landlords Inc.  to stop  or change this as the ordinance, that is designed to help all unfortunate people in poor living situations only addresses rentals.  Many thanks to Stacey Johnson-Cosby and Michelle Winberry and Carol Cutler for their efforts.
  3. Mission Kansas – We have heard a rumor that there are changes proposed to the city of Mission’s rental licensing and inspection regulations that currently require rentals to be licensed and interior inspections can be requested by the tenant.
  4. Lee’s Summit Missouri – We have heard there was a meeting of the city council to discuss rental regulations for long AND short-term rentals, but we do not know the outcome of those meetings.

So, if you invest in any of the above cities or any city in the metro, please take time to seek out your city council’s agenda, to attend these meetings and to get to know a  few key members.  As issues come up, please keep us updated and aware.  YOU cannot stop or change regulations by yourself, but YOU can get the rest of the MAREI membership aware and taking part.  If you are already taking action, let us know and keep us informed. ”

If you would like to take action but don’t know how:

  1.  Start following and attending city council meetings in your city and keep MAREI informed.
  2. Make sure you are signed up to the MAREI Email Newsletter list so we can let you know of issues you may not be aware of so you can take action.
  3. Join Missouri POA to support their efforts at changing state law in Missouri – MAREI is a Chapter of Missouri POA.
  4. Join The Associated Landlords of Kansas to support their efforts at changing state law in Kansas.