Legislative Survey from National REIA

Photo by Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Photo by Mister GC at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When it comes to Washington DC and our industry we need to be clear on our own legislative needs. This legislative survey will give members and chapter leaders an opportunity to help refine the legislative agenda of National REIA. The responses will be considered in terms of short and long term efforts as well as estimated for actual cost – financial and political. To that end, your participation is critical in this survey!

As an additional benefit – all participants will be included in a drawing for an I-Pad Mini.

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Just some of the issues in front of us:

  • How important is the FHA Anti-Flipping policy to you? (90 day restriction on reselling a house?)
  • How important is the mortgage debt forgiveness act to you? (Elimination of IRS tax on phantom income from a short sale.)
  • How important is the funding for HUD discrimination testing and compliance policies to you? (Restricting funds on 3rd party federal fair housing organizations which are incentivised to target the rental industry.)
  • How important is GSE Housing reform, reshaping or eliminating Freddie and Fannie? (Government recalibration of the main financing entities that set the rules for banks.)
  • How important are the Federal Trade Commission product and sales marketing issues? (FTC oversee’s all investor solicitations and communications.)
  • How important to you are the Seller Financing CFTB rule making and the Dodd Frank amendments? (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – regulations on offering and extending credit as a seller financier.)
  • How important to you are the proposed DOE requirements on hot water heater efficiency? (New regulations for April 16th for 30% larger,height and weight, hot water heaters due to increased efficiency.)
  • How important to you are the new building efficiency standards? ( Requirements to increase efficiency in all aspects of existing buildings, HVAC, insulation, electrical, and plumbing.)
  • How important are the proposed new lead-based paint rules to you? (New increased regulations with dust testing requirements and lower thresholds for failure.)
  • How important are the EPA stormwater requirements of existing structures to you? (New fee’s and mandates for all properties in stormwater systems.)

It’s really important that all members of MAREI take this survey, so if you have not already done so, Click here to take the survey now!