Legislative Issue in KS: HB 2665 – Rental Registration

KS Legislature is seeking to limit the city and county’s ability to require rental/landlord registration.
This is a heads up to all property owners that have rentals in Kansas or are contemplating adding rental properties.  HB 2665 would prohibit cities and counties from adopting or enforcing rental property licensing ordinance that includes a requirement for periodic inspections of privately owned rental property for city code violations unless the city or county has first obtained a warrant from the court.  A tenant, if not subject to eviction, could request property inspection only if the owner of the property was notified of the inspection
A full copy of the bill can be obtained at http://www.kanfocus.com/Text_114/20162665A.pdf.
Request for Testimony
HB2665 is set for hearing in the House Hearing in Commerce, Labor and Economic Development:  Thursday 3/3, 1:30 PM, RM 346 – S.  Cities with rental regi8stration acts in place are being requested to review the bill and to testify in opposition to the bill.  We are notifying area landlords so they can do the same to testify in support of the bill.  If you would like to testify, please contact the committee secretary, Linda Herrick (785-296-7488) to sign up to testify.
If you own or manage property in Kansas, you need to be informed and take action.

4 thoughts on “Legislative Issue in KS: HB 2665 – Rental Registration”

  1. Kim,

    Thanks for the heads up on this. Here is what I have found out yesterday and today know from my “contacts” in Topeka:

    I was speaking with Ed Jaskinia, a Realtor and lobbyist for a landlord group. Ed can provide more information on the group.

    They worked on HB2665 (attached) to prohibit municipal interior inspections of rental property that will be heard in the Commerce Committee on Thursday. They have 4 witnesses delivering testimony, including the KAR lobbyist.

    It is something that I’ll bring up at the KC board of Realtor’s on Friday. We do expect overall unanimous support. However the landlord group wanted it to get it into the right committee before letting the municipalities become aware of it and attack it.

    I also talked with Jim Kite, OP Councilman, about this this morning and he thinks it will “get killed in committee”.

    What is interesting to me, frankly, is how it is written. It does not say ANYTHING about interior inspections. Jim Kite says that that the way that currently is worded would make even the current inspection program illegal in his opinion.

    Anyway…that is what I know at this moment.

    Kandy Meehan, RMP® – President
    Home Rental Services, Inc.

  2. called last week to attempt to reach Linda Herrick to sign up to testify however the # printed did not go to her. I left a message and got a call back this AM from a guy who gave me Linda’s #.
    I spoke to Linda this AM and she said the hearing was last week and the process goes from … Hearing to working the bill, to full house to senate . She also said the best way to track it was to
    Log on to kslegislature.org and look up HB 2665 or talk to a lobbyist.

    Sounds like it could be a long process???

    See ya soon at the next meeting ..

    Kind regards


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