Learn About Selling at Auction

About Selling at Auction


An auction is a highly efficient and expeditious way to sell any type of real estate. The terms are straightforward and competitive bidding generates market value. Below are some key benefits our sellers enjoy.


  • The sale cycle is compressed and time specific
  • There is no risk of overpricing or underpricing the property
  • Auction heightens buyer interest and attracts attention in a crowded market
  • All properties benefit from a professional, customized advertising campaign
  • Buyers come qualified and prepared to buy
  • There is no requirement to do work on the property; it sells as-is
  • Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs such as taxes, insurance & maintenance
  • Protracted and unknown time on the market is not a factor
  • “Saturation Marketing” generates maximum exposure for the property
  • The seller knows exactly when the property will sell and can plan accordingly
  • The hassle of ongoing showings is reduced
  • The headache of negotiating is eliminated
  • Contingencies (inspections, financing, etc.) are not allowed
  • Competition produces market value

The decision to sell at auction is followed closely by deciding which company will do the best job of maximizing the value of your property. Here are the primary criteria to use in evaluating a real estate auction company:

EXPERIENCE. How long have they been in the real estate AND auction business?

EXPERTISE. How many successful real estate auctions do they average annually?

CUSTOMIZATION. Do they offer marketing plans and auction strategies tailored to your unique property?

PROFESSIONALISM. Do they have a fully staffed office to handle all of the details?

TECHNOLOGY. Will they utilize cutting edge technology to market the property and to offer bidding options?

RELATIONSHIPS. Do they network with realtors and other established buyers?

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