Lead Paint? As a Real Estate Investor, do you Know the Rules?


Since 2010 when the stricter rules went into effect, there’s been lots of confusion, especially since 2015. Despite this, here are a few quick facts to ensure you’re on the right track:

  • Extensions were given on individual certificates by the EPA back in 2015 although by now, most of them have long expired.
  • The EPA has allowed certain states, including KANSAS, to take over the administration of the law based on it being as strict, if not stricter, than the EPA’s version.
  • If you own/manage properties built before 1978, you need to register your firm with Kansas if that’s where all of your properties are located. If you operate in multiple states, you should register with the EPA for a firm certification which Kansas might honor.
  • The PAMPHLET delivery RULE is still critical for new purchasers and renters. If renting, you need to give a copy of the pamphlet before doing any remodeling work on the property.
  • If you have employees doing any work that could disturb lead paint, they need to be Certified Renovators, having completed the 8 hour course. Refresher courses (4 hours) can be taken before the Initial Certificate expires. If in an EPA state, the course can be taken online. Most individual states do not honor the online course. If you’re in Kansas but near an EPA border state like Missouri, you may be eligible for some additional flexibility. (Call to discuss.)
  • If you use contractors/sub-contractors, they need to have both a FIRM CERTIFICATE (see 3 above) and the workers need to be Certified Renovators as outlined in 5 above.
  • DOCUMENT…DOCUMENT…DOCUMENT. Even if you do everything right, if it’s not properly documented, it didn’t happen in the minds of how auditors think. A tight paper trail can save you time and MONEY.
  • If you have any questions or need training, pamphlets or forms, please contact Paul at Kachina Lead Paint Solutions and mention Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors for free advice and discounted pricing.

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