Kansas City Missouri: Nightly Rentals

 Proposing new nightly rental regulations with licensing, which seems fair, but a requirement to notify the neighbor and get their approval.  No nightly rentals of apartments in your home, such as an apartment over a garage, a mainstay of many nightly rentals.
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Thanks to Steve Chu for going to speak to a City Council Member on this this week, we urge members to also reach out to the Kansas City City Council.
Here is the basics shared by Steve Chu from the Perspective of an industry who has visiting workers who utilize Short Term Nightly Rentals (the tech community, but you could insert just about any industry) and from the Property Owner Perspective:
Home Sharing
  • The KC tech community has enormous potential to bring significant innovation to the marketplace
  • This progress is partly reliant on out-of-town contractors who are needed to augment local technical expertise
  • These contractors are often dependent on an Airbnb type of model which allows them to find safe and reasonably-priced accommodations
  • While it is understandable that the city needs to collect revenue and identify short-term rental home operators, it is imperative to continue to allow this housing model to continue in Kansas City
  1. Can you please provide a an understanding of the perspective shared by the council on this topic?
  2. Can we propose a way to allow short-term rental home operators to continue to provide housing in a way that meets the city’s licensing and tax collection needs?
Kansas City Rental Property Registration
  • The license process for rental home owners appears to be contingent upon approval from immediate neighbors, what happens if a neighbor does not approve or like the status of the property?
  • There also appears to be a measure which prevents home owners from having the ability to rent space above a garage, what is the justification for this requirement?
  • The proposed Rental Property Registration appears to lack full validation for what can reasonably be expected of rental home owners
  1. Can you provide more detail about the final intended requirements for rental home registration?
  2. Can you provide an opportunity for someone from the local real estate investor community to offer perspective on the unintended consequences for this proposed ordinance?
Again, thank you for your time.  I’ve copied Ryan Weber who is the president of the KC Tech Council.  I’ve also included Kim Tucker who is the executive director of the Midwest Association of Real Estate Investors.   Both Ryan and Kim are experts in their industries and may have more detail to share on these topics.