Joe McCall – Q&A “Sellers Facing Foreclosures”

Joe’s Student is finding the buyers first and then going after the houses for them:

And Lease Option Expert and Trainer Wendy Patton shares her thoughts on Joe:


Joe has tried tons of different investing strategies, but his favorite two have always been
Lease Options & Wholesaling. When he got tired of spending over $3,000 a month in marketing for his wholesaling business, and throwing away so many leads from unmotivated sellers, he knew there had to be a better way. That’s when he came across the special niche he calls “Wholesaling Lease Options”. As soon as he started implementing his simple, unique system, within 3 months his part-time income quickly surpassed his full-time income. Needless to say, he quickly left his job and has never looked back.

He is coming to Kansas City on Saturday February 22nd to teach a 1 day workshop at MAREI.  Find out more and get registered for the workshop by clicking here.  There is early bird pricing through February 19th.