I’ve seen that speaker before. Should I go or not?

You pull up the calendar for the local group to see what is on the agenda for the meeting.

This could be your church group, your trade association or your book club.

You find that either (a) you have heard the speaker before or (b) it’s a new speaker with an old topic.

Do you go to the meeting or not?

While only you can decide that for yourself you may want to consider:

Just because the topic or speaker is a repeat, will there be other things going on at the meeting?

Does your meeting encourage networking with other attendees and the exchange of business cards?  If so then you probably do want to attend.  I don’t know how many times I said, been there, done that, let’s stay home tonight.  But I dragged myself to the meeting anyway and came home with a package of houses that we were able to buy and assign to someone else, or a referral on a house that someone knew about that turned out to be a $10,000 payday.  Or I have met people interested in real estate investing who have the money, but not the time or knowledge, so future private lenders of KCInvest.

So when faced with a repeat, I usually decide to go.

And just because it is a repeat, does not mean you will not learn something.

For example, when I was just getting started in real estate I went to a lot of events locally and across the country and I found that we had the same group of people speaking.  One of the speakers I had seen at least 3 times if not 5 and well I ran into him several more times.  And you know what, I still came home with a lot of notes on time 6 and 7.

Why?  Well, I am of the opinion that you can hear the exact same training several times and learn something different each and every time.  You only learn what you are ready to learn.  So for the first time I heard the guy above’s presentation, I picked up some basics and a lot of his motivating factors.  The next time I saw him I got more of the how to on negotiating.  Then the next time I got even more of the nuance and you know my list of notes did get smaller with each viewing, but I still came away with not only new notes, but repeat notes that I had forgotten to implement.

So should you go or not?  I say you should get out and see that repeat speaker or topic.

You will take away something new and you never know, the speaker might get a bit off track given a different audience and share something that was totally not on the agenda.  You might run into that buyer from Australia that is going to buy your next 25 wholesale properties or that wholesaler that can feed you some great rehabs or that money partner you have been looking for to bring you unlimited funding.

So see you at the next meeting . . . I will be the one who didn’t want to be there but is really glad I came.