It’s Time To Toss Your 8 Track Tapes!

8 Track Tapes

Come On guys and gals. Get with it. It’s the new millennium. Your kids all across America are grooming themselves to communicate via those fancy cell phones and gadgets.

The world will NOT wait for you to catch up. Sure… you could argue Warren Buffet does not have a computer; however, Warren has already achieved his financial freedom and he truly can do whatever he wants!

If you have already achieved your financial freedom, then you can stick to cans and strings to communicate and disregard this article.

If you are still on your road to achieving financial freedom… read on! These things will help you get there faster and quicker.

Get onboard with the boatload of time-savers and money makers available “Right Under Your Nose” and most of these things involve your favorite four letter “F” word…    FREE!

Instead of trying to force you to put on your Beanie and Cecil propeller head hat, let’s just get started by explaining in short and simple terms exactly how these things can help you.


  1. Go Anywhere CASH REGISTER allowing you to process debit cards and credit cards anywhere your cell phone has service. Real world example: Imagine showing one of your available rental units to a prospective tenant. They asked for your rental application and you let them know you have a $35 application fee. They tell you they are fresh out of cash. Now you can say “No Problem, we take debit cards and credit cards!” (right there, on the spot!) WOW! Oh yeah, and it’s free. The equipment is free and it dumps the money right into your bank account. What’s the Catch? They charge you 2.75% on each transaction. There are several free apps for your cell phone that make this happen. The first company is called “” and the card swiper plugs into your earphone jack on your cell phone.


This is cheaper than PayPal. Now there are several more options for you. QuickBooks has got into this game and offers a free credit card swiper to use on your cell phone. The same now for Pay Pal too.

  1. Your Cell Phone is Your Company Headquarters on Wheels:
    1. Contacts, Addresses, and Phone
    2. Calendar and Events both personal, business, and more
    3. Tasks including Grocery lists
    4. Websites and passwords
    5. On The Fly Scheduling Appointments
    6. Rehabs, Repairs, and more
    7. On and on.
    8. NO Duplication
    9. NO Wires, NO Manual Sync-ing
    10. Photos, videos, docs, files available anywhere you have internet access.
    11. Plus a bunch more


  1. PHONES – no longer do you have to climb a telephone pole like Green Acres to make a phone call or call the operator like Andy Griffith. In today’s world, your cell phone can do so much more if you allow yourself to learn. Sure the learning curve can be brutal; however, it’s no different than when you learned how to ride a bike. The learning part was the hard part. Once you learned it, it stays with you forever. Same thing here. A smart phone or iPhone is more than a phone. It is a camera, a video camera, a scanner, email, calendar, and contact list, and it replaces your old “man purse.”


  1. Website: It really doesn’t matter if you have ZERO rental houses or 4,000 units, ALL SHARP Investors still growing their business have an effective website. In my real estate business, check out and you can see first hand how powerful this simple website can be.

Your website is a lot more than your “business card in the sky.” Today your website must be interactive and very user friendly and handle EVERYTHING you do in your real estate business. If you are buying real estate, a buy my house form. If you have rentals, you target prospective tenant/buyers and let your website take their money for your application fee and then allows them to fill-in-the-blanks with your online rental application. Just imagine all of the questions you get asked over and over when folks call you. Simply put all of the information on your website and this is another way of “pre-screening prospects” for anything in your real estate business.

Now if they could just figure out how to transport us through the internet like we saw on Star Trek. “Beam Us Up Scottie!”

To Your Continued $uccess, . . .by the way, I will be in Kansas City from September 8th through the 12th at MAREI.  At the Tuesday Meeting I will be sharing my 10 Proven Keys to Consistently Getting Paid Over 100% of Your Rents Every Month and then I will be back on Saturday with a 2 Part Workshop . . How to Fill Your Vacant BEFORE they Move Out and How to Screen Your Tenants in 15 Minutes or Less.  Visit the MAREI Calendar to Register for both events and to get all the Details, I will probably be chatting with Kim on a Webinar or two the last of August and the first part of September too!.