Issues in MO House Bill 608 Passed and Pushed to Fix

Last week it appeared that House Bill 608 was not going to make it.  Without the support of the Missouri Realtors, many would not vote for it, including the co-sponsor Rocky Miller.

However, right up until the last minute, the Realtors stated that they opposed the bill, unless certain changes were made.  So we are guessing that behind the scenes that the sponsors agreed to fix the issues in the Senate if they could get it passed in the house.

Late Wednesday, it passed.

What does that mean here in Kansas City?

Well if you remember, we had the little Interior Inspection Bill, House Bill 1189 sponsored by MAREI’s own Gary Cross.  We had a lot of debate and most liked the bill, including the Missouri Realtors.  But rather than let it stand on its own and probably be forgotten, it was attached to this controversy-ridden House Bill 608.

Sadly, while 1189 made sense, 608 had a lot of problems, our support was split.

Issues that need fixed with 608 include:

  1. Clarify that no business license is needed for short-term rentals;
  2. Clarify that political subdivisions shall not enact, enforce or maintain an ordinance or law or impose a fee that expressly prohibits or has the practical effect of  prohibiting residential dwelling rentals;
  3. Ensure that owners are protected from penalties for unknowingly allowing certain individuals to occupy short-term rentals;
  4. Clarify that the ability of cities to impose zoning limitations does not allow them to use zoning to ban short-term rentals; and
  5. Needs to address the issue of lodging establishments through a “safe harbor” number of days rented.

So now 608 goes to the Senate and we still have questions:

  1. Will they fix the vacation rental part.
  2. Will the interior ispection part remain attached
  3. Will they get it done before the end of the session on the 12th?

More detailed history of the two bills.