Is the Land Trust for You?

Guru’s come and Guru’s go and the all say, well a lot of them say we should be using the land trust to invest in real estate.  Go talk to the average local title company or attorney here in Kansas City and they will say to stay away.  However most states will tell you they are not recognized and you can do them, yet, that is not true.  They are legal and they can be used, but you need to educate yourself on how they work and probably educate your title people or find the right company that understands them.William Bronchick

With that said, I wanted to give you some resources to understand what they are.

Attorney William “Bill” Bronchick out of the Denver Area who is also a full time real estate investor and former REIA group leader has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and has several resources I wanted to direct you to:

  1. Article:  Get that Property Out of Your Name
  2. Video:  Using Land Trusts for Privacy and Protection
  3. eCourse:  Land Trust E-Course