Information is Power

As we all know, information is power. Whether we are buying a house, investment or screening a new applicant; information helps us make the best choice possible. In fact, the difference between a good and bad decision is all about information! Below is a random list of useful facts that will help you analyze your applicants and how they compare to the averages of the nation.

Useful Facts:

Credit Scores:

Though many creditors have their own models, the model below will help you analyze credit scores.

  • Excellent Range: 781-850
  • Good Range: 664-780
  • Fair Range: 601-660
  • Poor Range: 501-600
  • Bad Range: below 500
  • Average National Credit Score: 664
  • Average Rental Credit Score: 625
  • Top State with Average Score: Minnesota
  • Bottom State with Average Score: Mississippi

Cards and Debt:

  • Average Debt Per Consumer $28,496
  • Number of Bank Cards Per Consumer 2.18
  • Number of Retail Cards Per Consumer 1.54
  • Consumer Debt is Closing in on the All-Time High of 2008 $3.407 Trillion Total

Net Worth:

  • Average Homeowner: $200,000 (mostly home equity)
  • Average Renter: $5000

Ownership vs Renters:

  • Homeowners 65% of Population
  • Renters 35% of Population (slowly rising)

Crime Statistics:

  • Sex Offenders 400,000
  • Over 2 Million Burglaries per year
  • Over 16,000 Murders per year
  • 30.2% of Population Have Been Arrested Prior to Their 23rd Birthday for Something Other Than Traffic offenses
  • 3 Out of 4 Prisoners Will Be Arrested Again Within 5 Years (Study of BJS 2005-2010)

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