Independence Housing Authority Tells all Housing Choice Voucher Participants and Landlords that they cannot use the Housing Quality Standard Inspection Report for Rental Ready

With the recent Rental Ready program in Independence and probably other interior inspection rograms across the country, landlords have been told that they can get around the cities mandated interior inspections by providing the inspection that the local Housing Authority completed to allow the rental resident to move in.

The Indpendence Housing Authority issued a letter on June 28, 2017 to all their Housing Choice Voucher Participates (rental residents) and Landlords.


Please be advised of the following prior to considering using the HQS inspection report or any portion of that report to satisfy any non-program related purpose:

The Housing Quality Standard (HQS) Inspection report or any portion thereof is intended ONLY ofr HUD and INDEPENDENCE HOUSING AUTHORITY use to meet Federal requirements as found at 24 CFR 982 Supart 1 [982.401].  The HQS report IS NOT indtended for use by landlords, tenants or any other party to comply with any other Standards, Inspection Criterion, City Codes or Ordinances.  Use of this HQS Report for any other purpose than those found at 24 CFR 982 Subpart 1, and / or requirements of the Housing Authority of the City of Independence IS NOT AUTHORIZED and may very well violate multiple Federal rules and / or regulations.  The Housing Authority of the City of Independence shall not be held liable under any circumstance(s) for use fo the HQS inspection report in any other manner than herein stated.

This means that neither the owner, managing agent nor tenant may provide a copy of any portion of any HQS inspection report to any non-Federal governmental entity, such as the City of Indpendence “Rental Ready” ordinance SEC.4.15.006C. that allows for sumittal of “any” inspection report no older than 12 months.  The Housing Authroity believes sharing this report with the City in order to satisfy the ordinace will be a seious breach of the voucher holder family’s privacy rights.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Edward F Miller
Executive Diretor