I Missed John Hyre’s Workshop on Saturday, what can I do?

We had a few people last week letting us know they could not attend Saturday, but they REALLY wanted the information.

We had a couple of emails over the weekend as well.

Sorry, we didn’t record the event AND John is not coming back to Kansas City anytime very soon.

You do have the option of stalking John Across the internet and finding some recordings of some of the classes he has done over the years on YouTube.  We found a few of the better recordings and put them together for you to access by providing your name and email:  click here

He also has some very good articles on his website.  And if you need legal advice or to consult on how to manage your business, to put together a self-directed transaction, you and your CPA can also go through his website to contact him.  Find him online at www.IRALawyer.com

Some other options, if you really wanted to dig deeper would be to purchase John’s Training Courses.

KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

John offered this for $299 for everyone who attended and that is the price every day on his website – it comes with John’s suggested chart of accounts for you to plug into QuickBooks Pro, sold separately and it shows you how to do your bookkeeping right and make it as easy as possible. That way you or your bookkeper can keep your books up to date and make it way easier to have a good solid overview of your business finances at a glance.

KISS Guide to Entities

John offered this for $299 for everyone who attended and that is the price every day on his website. – In this guide, John provides instructions for setting up entities in your state and all the steps you need to take to manage that entity to maintain the asset protection you set it up to provide.  Just because you have that LLC all set up, you don’t get the Asset Protection it provides unless you take steps to treat that LLC as a business and maintain it as it’s own legal entity.

Package Price for Bookkeeping & Entities / Asset Protection

On Saturday John offered a package of the 2 above courses that were designed to be used together.  He offered them both together for $499.  He offered that special price to those at the event for that day, however for those of you that were not even in the room, if you would like this special pricing, we can offer it through the end of the day Tuesday 10/24/2017.

Click Here to Purchase with KS Sales Tax

KISS Guide to Self Directing

There does not seem to be an online description or offering of this course ANYWHERE.  Back in 2015 John held a multi day workshop at his local gun range.  They called in the IRA meets the NRA.  Anyway, this was a small, intimate workshop for 20 people who are very advanced real estate investors and IRA folks in their own right who wanted to come together to learn from John, learn from each other, Network and exchange ideas and to shoot a few guns.  John had a little fly on the wall professionally recording the event.  This was then edited to take out some of the dead air time to come up with 12 solid training hours of audio.  This is packaged with a workbook guide to self-directing.  He offered it at our event for $797, plus tax.  And again, MAREI can offer it through Tuesday.

Click Here to Purchase with KS Sales Tax

Complete Package of KISS Guides

John Also went a step further, offering all 3 courses together for $849

Click Here to Purchase with KS Sales Tax – – BEST VALUE

Live Event

John also has a 2 day live event planned for November 11th and 12th in Las Vegas.  Similar to the event he recorded above, this is your chance to learn from John as well as all the other Self Directing Real Estate Professionals in the room.  He offers this on his website for $2,000, but he offered all of our attendees on Saturday his client discount.  Click Here to learn more about this event and if you want to attend and would like a discount, please email your contact information to Kim@MAREI.org and I will get with John to see what I can do.  I am sure I can save you a few dollars and since this has no book or tape to go with it, there is no sales tax.