I don’t want to do sales!


This article was first posted in 2010

My step son just recently graduated from KU.  This time last year he was getting started on his interviews for a “real job” once he graduated.  He was not real sure what he wanted to do, but he knew he did not want to do sales.

One of his first interviews with a local company resulted in a job offer.  Inside sales where he would go to their established clients to show them new products and entice them to order them.  Sales!  He did not want that job.

During the spring and summer he continued to interview and . . . well he decided if he wanted a job . . . he may have to take a dreaded sales job.  He did land a job, but not “the job”.  So he has continued to interview.

But then it comes out, what he would really like to do is come to work in our real estate office and learn what we do.  He kind of likes our lifestyle and our work hours and sees it as a way to have his own company.

Now, those of you who are experienced real estate investors or small business owners, may be chuckling to yourself right now.  “I don’t want to do sales!” and “I want to be a real estate investor!” are two totally opposite concepts.  The main job of any real estate investor is sales – you are always on the hunt for a buyer or a seller or a lender and when you find a potential one, you go into sales mode.  . . At the grocery store, on the side of the road, at the football game, at the bake sale, where ever and when ever, you are always in sales mode.

This morning I received an email newsletter and it had an article in it ” The 1 Thing You Have to Understand if You Don’t Want Your Business to Fail.”  In this article the author explains the differnce between having a job and exchanging your time for money where the job does the marketing and having your own business where people exchange their mony for your marketing of your services.

So I hope my step son realizes what he’s getting into . . . marketing and sales!

Now here it is 5 years later in 2015 – the step son?  Well maybe you have met him at the check in desk at MAREI.  Or he has sold on of your rental properties or helped you with an investment deal.  He all but runs all of the buying and selling here at KCInvest.com, so I guess he got over his sales fears, although, I sill do most of the marketing.