I already get a discount from Home Depot so I don’t need yours.

Member Benefit:  2% Rebate at Home Depot

We hearHome Depot Rebate this time and again from a few hard headed people who just don’t want to open their mind up to the possibility that they could get a check back for 2% on every dollar they spend at Home Depot.  Be it a dollar spent at regular price, and a contractor discounted price, or at some other discount they may have.

Let’s give you a scenario.  You are a contractor that buys a lot of stuff from Home Depot.  You have a very good relationship with the people at the store.  Because of the amount you spend at the  store the people have negotiated some great deals for you that you get at the cash register every time you check out.  Here at MAREI we like to call it the “Good Ol Boy Discount” and while it’s not the corporate way, we know it happens.  We also know that Home Depot has some awesome discount programs out there in general for different things.  What ever your discount is, keep using it, its great and it’s saving you money.

But here’s where our discount comes in.  With our discount you are programming the cash register at Home Depot to track what you spend and tell their corporate offices to send you a 2% Rebate every 6 months.  The cash register does not care what other discounts you have negotiated or that get keyed in.  It just wants to know that you spent $10, $100, $1000 or $100,000 before tax and after any savings you might already have.  Then the accountants at corporate take that number twice a year, multiply by 2% send you a rebate.  Simple.

But there are a few hold outs that just did not believe us so we went directly to the Director of the Program.  He said “The rebate is pulled from the sales that go through our registers so that if a person has negotiated a special price then our rebate would be calculated from the lower price but it does not negate the lower price.  Basically, you can’t lose! “

So all we can say is – if you spend more than $5000 in one year at Home Depot before sales tax and after any an all other negotiated discounts, then Home Depot will be paying you to be a member of our association.

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