How to I access this benefit.

Member Benefit Guide


We get calls and emails every day asking how do I access the discount at Office Max or how do I get set up for the Home Depot 2 % Rebate.

There are quite a few ways.

First when you join we email you the MAREI Member Benefit Guide.  We email this to you about 3 times, just to make sure you actually get it, actually open it up and actually use the discounts.

Didn’t see it?  Don’t worry your not alone.  We would estimate that 2 out of 10 people actually open it up and look at it.  Its a shame too becuase we worked really hard to assemble that booklet and if you open it up and use the discounts, the average member is going to save about $750 over the year.

You missed it now what.

We have a members only site that does require you to log in, and once you do you can access so much, all your receipts at MAREI, the Membership Database so you can see who does what and reach out to them via email.  You can access your member wesite and you can also get the MAREI Member Benefit Guide in its complete form as well as download flyers on the more profitable discounts.

Step #1:  Go to and log into the website.  The log in page as well as all your member benefits can be accessed from the “My Account” Tab.

Step #2:  Explore all the options under the “My Acount” Tab, you might find something very helpful you didn’t know about.

  1.  Member Benefit Guide:  Download this and save it on your hard drive.  When we updated it once or twice a year, we will email you a new copy.
  2. My Dashboard:  this gives you a quick glance at what is going on at MAREI, how many actie members we have, your account details, your website, and a way to search for other members.
  3. My Website:  pretty self explanatory.
  4. My Downloads:  This has individual flyers on all the discounts, like Home Depot and Office Max, plus any own loadable item you may have purcahsed.
  5. Member Directory:  You can access the entire list of active members here.
  6. Member Forms & Contracts:  Again fairly self explanatory.
  7. Member Discounts:  Web Page Version of Access to all the Member Discounts and Flyers about Discounts
  8. Member Forum:  Ok so we don’t have a private member forum.  But if you join us on our Facebook Group, you have found the best place to ask questions.
  9. Member Library:  We have a days of real estate investor informatin you can access in the online library – PLUS you guessed it, the Member Benefit Guide and Flyers on all the Member Discounts.
  10. How to Videos: Here are some great tips on getting your website at MAREI set up and running.
  11. My Profile:  This is where you update your contact info, decide what to share with other members, see your receipts from MAREI and track what events you have attended.