How to Have an Awesome Life in 2016

How to have the life you want in 2016

So here we are with another brand new year with brand new possibilities.

Is this the year that you finally make it . . . or make it bigger?

What if we told you that “making it” is closer that you think?  You see a few years ago we ran into this concept called Lifeonaire and it has changed lives across the country.  Those that have adopted the Lifeonaire way of life will gladly share their story and we have a few Lifeonaires who are going to be joining us at MAREI.

One of these guys is Chuck Bauman and when I was doing a bit of research I came across a radio show that he did the first week of the year in 2015 and guess what, the concepts he shared in that radio show are as relevant today, January 2nd 2016 as they were January 7, 2015.

So to kick off 2016 we wanted to share this radio show with you so you can find out how to have an awesome life in 2016:

Click Here to go to the Radio Show Page and to Listen Now!

And be sure to check join Chuck Bauman and Jason Roberts from Lifeonaire at the 3 Day Retreat in Kansas City the First Week in March – early bird pricing is in place through January 11th.