I get asked to be a mentor about once a week. I cringe each time. They want me to stop what I am doing and pour sage wisdom into their heads to make them rich. I get it.  It’s popular right now to talk about getting a MENTOR.  All the articles say to do it.
My mentors were my Dad and a couple of older guys in the landlord association–No formal relationship, just guys who gave good advice and answered questions when things went sideways.  I invested in TONS of books and tapes by names like Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, and Tom Hopkins.  I looked into resources from new mentors such as Dave Ramsey’s “Entreleadership”, resources from Robert Kyoski, Jeffrey Taylor, Lou Brown, Mike Butler, and Ron Legrand.
I don’t need to sit with them.  I can learn from them by reading their books, listening, and attending seminars.  Here’s what it comes down to when it comes to finding and appealing to mentors (from a mentor’s perspective):
  •  I’m busy.
  • Take some classes, attend seminars.
  •  I will not teach my local competition the good stuff, but I WILL offer advice and answer questions when asked.
  • We have a weekly landlord lunch (or association meeting) so show up. I’ll answer any questions and give TONS of free advice.

Most successful people are very helpful. Just don’t ask them to clear their calendar to answer newbie questions. GO to them. GO to their seminar. GO to a seminar they will be at.

  • Catch them on the run or hang around the same places, in their “natural habitat”.
  • Get INVOLVED with the local landlord association, don’t just attend. They will see you are serious and you’ll sit in the same boardroom with them. Check out committees and charities, etc.
  • I don’t want a gift card because then we have put a monetary value on our relationship. A quick thank you email will get you tons of good will instead.
  • If I take responsibility to formally instruct you I want to be paid, because it takes time away from MY goals.
  • You’ll get waaay more help from a successful landlord by being friendly and humble. A little flattery helps. Ask a few questions and LISTEN. Next week ask a few more and LISTEN. Next week say “Hey I tried what you said and it was GREAT!”
Hope that helps! I think I just mentored you on how to be mentored!