How can I get my properties to go out on the weekly email

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The sends out an email on Fridays with all the new properites posted to the MAREI website.

Our newsletter system sends out an email on monday with a summary of things that are happening in real estate that week including events and new properties posted to the MAREI website.

And when a new property is posted to the MAREI website it gets pushed out to our social media pages.

Which begs the question, how does one get their property posted on the MAREI website?

The process is fairly simple.

First Step is to join MAREI and then collect your username and password.

Second Step is to got to and log into the site.

Third Step is to ACTIVATE YOUR FREE Website.  The website dashboard pretty much makes you activate your site when you first log in.  Then once you have that activated, your dashboard will have blue bottons when you log in to (1) View my Website, (2) Go to my Buyer / Seller Leads, and (3) Go to my Property Leads.

You can also access your website by looking for the “My Website” link in the drop down menu when you click on the “My Account” tab.

Fourth Step is to find your “My Properties” section by starting with the “My Account” tab, then selecting “My Website” from the drop down and then further selecting “My Properties”.

Fifth is to click the blue “Add New Property” button.

Sixth Step is to fill in the property details and then Save at the Bottom.  After saving the property, view it to see if it looks right, edit as needed and ADD photos.  You can’t add photos or access the extra tab until the property has been added to your list.