Home Depot Results for the last 1/2 of 2016

Member Benefit:  2% Rebate for Last Half of 2016

As you know for every dollar MAREI member’s spend, The Home Depot Rebates 2% back to the members.

We just received the results from the last 1/2 of 2016.

In the Kansas City Metro Area you all spent $9,428,600.36 at The Home Depot.  They in turn rebated $188,572.01 which if you do the math is indeed 2%.

Those rebates were mostly sent out as Home Depot Gift Cards.  PLEASE NOTE you can register those gift cards for a further rebate of 2% on your 2%.

If you are not set up to get this awesome benefit as a member of MAREI, please contact us and ask us to help you get set up.