Home Depot Rebates Coming, Watch Your Mail Box

Here at the MAREI office we received a $40 Home Depot Gift Card in the mail last week.  That was our 2% rebate for our very minimal Home Depot purchases the first quarter of 2017.

We do have some changes coming from the Home Depot that we are awaiting details for.  They may be changing minimum purchases and we have heard a rumor of a new discount on an entire category of product.

Right now we have:

  • 2% Rebate based on a $3,000 minimum purchase for a 6 month period (Jan to Jun and Jul to Dec)
  • 20% Discount In Store on Paint
  • Special Discounts on Appliance Packages
  • And Volume Discount Pricing

For the first 3 we have details in the Membership Guide and for the Volume Discount Pricing you can ask at the ProDesk in any Home Depot and they can assist you.

Watch Your Email for updates on this program.