Home Depot Rebate: Have You Updated Your Cards Lately?


As the 2% Rebate exclusive to MAREI members as a part of National REIA is facing the 1/2 year cutoff date at the end of June, we want to remind you to update your Credit Cards.
Home Depot tracks all purchases you have made with your registered cards from January through the end of June and then they calculate 2% and issues rebates via gift cards and checks.  They do the same at the end of December too!
However if you do not have all of your cards entered into the system or if you you have not coded them with the proper discount code, your purchases don’t count.
So it’s always a good idea every 2 or 3 months to assemble all your account numbers, log in and confirm they are all there and coded correctly.
Also it is important to note that the Home Depot cash register system is now noticing when you swipe a card that is not in your account.  Not really sure how it knows its your card and your account, however if you get the question “Would you like to add this card to your account” or something like that when you swipe a card at Home Depot, you can answer yes.  BUT, YOU STILL NEED TO LOG IN AND ATTACH THE CORRECT CODE.
If you need assistance with this, please email me back with your name, email and phone number and we will get back with you to assist.  Instructions are in the Member Benefit Guide we email out when you joined, but we would be happy to give you a call back and help you over the phone as well.
p.s.  Remember you must be a current active member of MAREI or another National REIA affiliated REIA group to get this 2% Rebate.  We have submitted our membership list to Home Depot for verification.