Holding your house for sale / rent open:

So you want to sell, rent, lease that house?  Have you considered holding it open?

Some tips to holding a house open:

1.  Set a Schedule:

Look at a calendar and pick the best dates and times.  A Picnic open on Saturday, an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, a cocktail party on a Tuesday Night.  Schedule it out, then schedule your prep time and marketing time.

2.  Prep work:

Get it looking it’s best, get it clean, have some staging, even if it is a vacant house.  Have some chairs and a table to sit and chat, have toilet paper and hand towels so they can use the facilities, and maybe some cookies and a drink so the neighbors can spend some time looking at the house, catching up, and then later, talking about your houses.

3.  Pre-Market:

If it is listed, get it in to the MLS a week in advance, put up signs announcing the open house is coming, advertise on craigslist, your web sites, and other online media.  Schedule the event on Facebook and Linked in, Invite your friends, have them invite their friends.  And print out invitations to mail or better yet, hand deliver to the neighbors a day or two before.

4.  Prepare for the big day.

Have flyers on hand.  Invite someone to talk financing to join you.  Have a drawing for a grand prize.  And if you are a Realtor, know the market, someone just might ask you about the house down the street.  I would know the market even if you are not a Realtor, because buyers will throw a house in your face if you don’t know about it.

5.  Set Hours and stick too them.

Although if someone is there 5 minutes early, let them in.  And if you have a house full at closing time, don’t toss them out on their ear.

6.  Communicate:

Share on your social media how great your open house was, share comments on the house if they were good, it will generate more interest.

7.  Remember smells count.

You might have great smelling flowers.  Or some freshly baked something.  You want something with good smells that DO NOT convey the idea you are putting on a smell to cover up something.

8.  Make sure all the doors open, close and lock properly as the people walking through will play.

Nothing worse than have a door stick, a shade fall, or something not work.

9.  Once you are all through, make sure everything is locked back.

Check all windows and doors, you don’t want an late arrival to your open house coming in and borrowing your copper at 2 in the morning.