Help Wanted: Part Time Virtual Assistant

Kim needs help with the day to day management and marketing at MAREI.  For MAREI to continue at the level and quality of service and service our now, almost 600 members, we need a bit of assistance in the virtul office and at the monthly Tuesday meetings.  We are sure there are some amazing people who are either members of MAREI or their friends.

Ideally the right candidate(s) would work as Virtual Assistants, on their own schedule, in their own home office and be paid through

While we would love to have one person for everything, due to the nature of the tasks, we might need several different people depending on the different abilities needed in the different tasks.

If you have the time and the abilities needed for the following positions, please email  Please send a resume, a cover letter to why you would be a good fit and pay requirements.

Communications Manager

Send Weekly Email Newsletter:

We send out a weekly email newsletter through Constant Contact that summarizes a lot of different things from across our websites.  We curate a lot of our own content, we just need someone to take the time to assemble it once a week so it can go out on a regular basis at about 6:30 am on Monday mornings – it can be prescheduled.  Needs organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to use Constant Contact.  Takes about an hour each week sometime between Friday afternoon and late Sunday Night.

Send Monthly Newsletter:

Take pre-assembled monthly digital newsletter and send out email through constant contact and post across social media.  Task to be completed on or about the first day of the month and takes one to two hours each month.

Event Promotion:

Working with our Event Marketing Person to send out event emails and social media.  Takes about an two hours a week to send and schedule emails and posts.

Commuications Management:

Create a calendar to keep track of and to schedule emails and social media posts so they get done and don’t overlap too much.  These communications to include Member Benefits, Calls to Action, Meeting and Event Promotions.

Marketing Manager

Benefits Promotion:

Plan and schedule out promotion of member benefits to promote one benefit per week via blog posts and monthly newsletter article..  Blog post to be included in the weekly Email Newsletter and posted across our Social Media.  Provide newsletter article content to the Newsletter Designer.

Meeting & Event Promotions

Plan and schedule out promotion of the Monthly Meeting and Event.  Includes postings to websites and social media sites as well as planning out the emails and social media posts and working hand in hand with the communications manager.  May take a bit of research on speaker to obtain articles and basic graphics to provide the newsletter designer.

Member Spotlight

Chase down one member a month to spotlight their investing story or a case study for the MAREI Blog and the Newsletter

Newsletter Designer

Assemble the monthly print Newsletter with input from the Marketing Manager to include our monthly standards of the month’s speaker on the front page, an article from this months speaker, an article from next months speaker, the monthly calendar, the monthly benefits info,  a member spotlight / case study article and the Vendor Directory. And to design ads for the Vendors who purchase ads.

Member Manager

Member Recruitment:

Help MAREI take membership to the next level and up to 700 paid members.  All Member’s of MAREI are already able to earn MAREI dollars by recruiting new members.  As you invite members to MAREI, remind them to let us know that you referred them. When they join you earn $25 in MAREI dollars.  Send your friends an email and invite them to Pre-register for a MAREI meeting, first time is free.  When they register at, they will be asked who referred them, they just need to find your name.  Or if they just show up at a meeting, they will be asked to fill out a registration form, and they will be asked who referred them.  Tell them to give us your name and not “a friend” as we can’t give “a friend” any MAREI dollars.

Business Member Recruitment:

Help MAREI seek out new business members.  Right now all MAREI members can recruit business members the same as regular members, however they earn $50 in MAREI dollars.

Member Follow Up

Welcome phone call to new members with basic questionaire to find out where MAREI can help them and make sure they were able to get set up for the member benefits.

Follow up phone call to renewing members with basic questionaire to find out how MAREI has helped them in the past an how we can assist them in the future.

Sales Manager

Newsletter Ad Sales:

Sell ad space in the MAREI Newsletter