Have you Reserved Your Seat for Big Money from Bad Debt here in Kansas City

Eddie Speed Bootcamp

Dear Member:
I am getting excited about Eddie Speed and his team from NoteSchool coming back to Kansas City on March 6, 7 and 8th to teach their bootcamp “Big Money from Bad Debt”  As I am one of his mentor students I can attend any of his bootcamps through out the country over and over and for this particular one, it will be my third time.  They change as the industry changes, so they are always new and innovative.

You see Eddie was here a few weeks ago to share the State of the Real Estate Industry and then taught a full day workshop on Why Real Estate Investors need to learn the Note Business.  We also offered a few webinars to get those who could not attend up to speed.  If you missed the training, we can get you access to an upcoming webinar, just click here.

At the workshop he offered his Big Money from Bad Debt Bootcamp and his Rich Rewards Advanced Course for Note Professionals.  Both include a 3 day live training as well as an online home study workshop.  You can see all the upcoming bootcamps he has coming on his web site.

Anyway, way at the workshop Eddie offered each of the bootcamps individually at $797 which is about $200 off regular price and if a person wanted to attend both of the bootcamps, he had a package price of $1297.  The price was to go back up to $997 each after the workshop, however, I asked Eddie and received special permission to offer the bootcamps at $797 and the package of $1297, because I have had so many people asking me about the bootcamp here in Kansas City.

So if you want to attend the Big Money from Bad Debt that will be teaching walking you through the Non-Performing Note Business, this is your one chance to attend – Right Here in Kansas City!!

But there is a catch, they have to finalize room space at the Hotel and they need to know who is attending.  So if you are a mentor student and attending please get with Eddie.  If you have already purchased the bootcamps, make sure you have signed up with Eddie’s team for the Kansas City event.  And if you have not yet purchased your bootcamp, do so today.  They would really like to have a good working list of who is attending by March 1 if at all possible.

So how to you purchase the bootcamp?  The best way is to go online to our Member Website and purchase at the following links:
If you just don’t want to buy online, you can leave me a message at 913-815-0111 and I will call you back or you can email me and I can send you a paper order form to fax in.
See you at the next meeting,

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