H.B. 1006 and Missouri Landlords

Meeting 2-27-15 Friday 8 AM with Rep. Gary Cross and Bob Wise, Bob Wise and Associates, and John Welchert, Blue Springs Landlords Group. Also in attendance were several large property owners and managers representing 100-700 units, and another attorney.
Topic of conservation was regarding needed amendments to bill 1006 to make it more landlord friendly, quicker possession and less ambiguous for the courts.
Rep. Cross was acceptable to suggested changes from Bob Wise and will incorporate them into H.B.1006.H.B. 1006 will be read around spring break before the legislature. ​It will be very helpful for us to go to Jefferson City and testify during the reading of the bill on how important these changes are and how they will have an impact on landlords.​ I will let you know when I have the date and time so we can plan on carpooling.

Please convey your appreciation, and thanks to Rep. Cross, and Bob Wise for their work on this important piece of legislation.

John Welchert