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First Time Attendee Guest Pass

All First Time Attendees are invited to check out our monthly MAREI meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as our guest . . . or as the guest of someone else.

To obtain your guest pass you can go to our click here to register for our next upcoming meeting. Please be sure to tell us how you heard about us.  And if a friend referred you, please let us know their name so we can thank them properly.

We do offer at $25 referral fee to every member who refers a new member.  This $25 comes in the form of MAREI credits that can be used for members to renew membership, pay for event fees or to use to lower the price of other items that we may be selling.

Our system will track when you use your guest pass.  If by chance you register for a meeting, but don’t make it to that meeting, you should be able to register for a future first meeting for free.  Once you attend your first meeting, the system will make note and will require you to pay a guest fee at future meetings or join.

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  • MAREI Monthly Meeting: Apartment House Investing, Tuesday April 11
    Tuesday, April 11th @ 6:00pm at Holiday Inn at 87th & 69 Hwy in Overland Park
    MAREI April Meeting
    Buy Apartments Even If You’ve Never Done a Deal
    April 11th @ Holiday Inn
    MAREI Members & 1st Time Guests can attend at NO CHARGE
    Guests can pre-register now for $15.  All Others pay  $25 at the door.

    Back in 2004, then-newbie investor Anthony Chara got a piece of advice that changed his life forever:

    “Why not take the time and energy you’re putting into finding, negotiating, and buying a single family home and buy a 10 unit instead? Or a 50 unit?”

    That’s good question, right? And if your answer is, “I can’t afford an apartment building” or “I have to cut my teeth on some single family homes first”, you just don’t get that apartment buying is no harder than buying single family homes—and you need to meet Anthony Chara.

    He’ll show you the strategies that he’s used to acquire over 1,400 units nationwide with his partners, and how you can buy apartments in Columbus or anywhere in the U.S. without using your own money, without being a hands-on manager, and without a ton of real estate experience.

    If building wealth through apartments is one of your goals, you’d be nuts to miss this eye-opening meeting where Anthony will explain:

    • Where to Find It (Where can you find the good properties?)
    • How to Figure It (Analyzing the numbers to make sure it’s the right property)
    • How to Fund It (If the numbers make sense, funding is easy!)
    • Finish it ( Hold the property for long-term cash flow or sell it for a quick return)

    Come spend 90 minutes with Anthony at the April MAREI Meeting on Tuesday the 11th where Anthony will introduce you to an asset class that we ofen don’t think about as new investors or even experienced investors.  Be sure to bring business cards for networking and something to take notes as Anthony will have a lot of information you will want to write down.

    As always, Networking starts at 6pm, announcements are at 7:00 and Anthony starts at 7:15.  MAREI Members can attend the event at no charge and Non-Members can Register Online for $15 or pay $25.00 at the door. Be sure to bring your business cards and flyers and join us for an evening of real estate deals, vendors, networking, education and fun! See you there! RSVP Now!


    And don’t miss out on Massive Passive Wealth in Apartments, Anthony’s workshop he is teaching in Overland Park on Saturday April 22nd

    Tuesday holds 1 Credits for your Professional Housing Provider Designation at MAREI and Saturday holds 6 Credits.  Must be a member of MAREI to receive PHP Credit.

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