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  • MAREI October Meeting: Legally Hammer the IRS with John Hyre
    Tues, October 10th @6:00 PM – Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS 

    MAREI Meeting:
    How to Legally & Ethically
    Hammer the IRS

    with Special Guest IRA Lawyer,
    Accountant & Real Estate Investor John Hyre
    MAREI Members & First Time Guests Can Attend at No Charge when Pre-Registered.  Guests Pay $15 Online or $25 at the Door. Register Now!

    You work hard for your money!   RIGHT?

    You have two choices of what to do with that money:

    1. Do nothing and pay out as much as you possibly can in taxes.

    2. Take steps to reduce or eliminate those taxes.

    The choice is a little tough if you don’t know all your options.  That’s why we have invited our good friend John Hyre to join us in October.  John is a Tax Attorney, an Accountant and a Real Estate Investor with over 20 years experience.

    Fair warning, John is a bit  . . . ok a LOT… opinionated and we are pretty sure you will leave a lot wiser and fully aware of his opinions.

    John is joining us on Tuesday, October 10th to share the many different ways you can use to stick it to the IRA and keep more of your hard earned dollars in your possession.

    On the IRA & Tax Planning Front, learn

    • How Self Directed Accounts like IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, Education IRAs and 401(k)s can help you build retirement and save on taxes using your Real Estate Knowledge
    • You may have heard about “Checkbook” Control in IRAs and John will help you decide if you really want one given all the restrictions to keep from blowing up your IRA.
    • Screening Your Deals so you don’t complete a fatal prohibited transaction, don’t loose it all from lack of knowledge.
    • Find out what UnRelated Business Income Tax is when you have an IRA and determine if you want to pay it or do other types of transactions.
    • Find out who your IRA can partner with or otherwise do business with and how it can do so, and who you should avoid.

    On the Real Estate Front

    • Find out how to plan so you maximize tax deductions.
    • Which entity is best for you in real estate.
    • How to turn ordinary income into capital gains.
    • How to use Discounted Notes for maximum profits.
    • How to use rentals for the best tax savings:  depreciation.
    • The whole “Dealer issues and when can you reduce social security taxes on flipping income.
    • How creative or unusual transactions like Subject-To, Lease Options, Assignments, Tax Liens, Partial Notes, Participating Notes and Mobile Home Financing can save taxes.

    And if you want to fight the IRS, John has some information you will want to know about:

    • Your best defense in an Audit.
    • Should you go to Tax Court.
    • Should you appeal an IRS Audit
    • Fighting IRS Collections

    If you want to learn this stuff you can, go out and use the trial and error method.  You could also go out and hire some of our very knowledgeable local attorneys, which would be money well spent.  However to sit down with an Attorney who specializes in Self Directed Retirement Accounts, on top of Small Business and Asset Planning PLUS 20 years of Accounting and Tax Knowlege and you would be hard pressed to find someone who knows more.

    Meeting Agenda*

    • 6:00 PM: Networking and Vendor Hall
    • 7:00 PM: Announcements
    • 7:20 PM: Main Presentation with the John
    • 8:45 PM: Q & A
    • 9:00 PM:  Final Networking
    • 9:15 PM:  Meeting after the meeting in the Green Mill  (grill closes at 10 pm, so order food early)