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All First Time Attendees are invited to check out our monthly MAREI meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as our guest . . . or as the guest of someone else.

To obtain your guest pass you can go to our click here to register for our next upcoming meeting. Please be sure to tell us how you heard about us.  And if a friend referred you, please let us know their name so we can thank them properly.

We do offer at $25 referral fee to every member who refers a new member.  This $25 comes in the form of MAREI credits that can be used for members to renew membership, pay for event fees or to use to lower the price of other items that we may be selling.

Our system will track when you use your guest pass.  If by chance you register for a meeting, but don’t make it to that meeting, you should be able to register for a future first meeting for free.  Once you attend your first meeting, the system will make note and will require you to pay a guest fee at future meetings or join.

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  • MAREI Meeting: Common Title Issues with Alpha & Accurate Tuesday August 8th @6pm
    Tues, August 8th @6:00 PM – Holiday Inn, 8787 Reeder Road, Overland Park, KS 

    MAREI Meeting:
    Common Title Issues

    With the Teams from Alpha andAccurate Title
    MAREI Members & First Time Guests Can Attend at No Charge when Pre-Registered.  Guests Pay $15 Online or $25 at the Door. Register Now!

    Join us at the August MAREI meeting on Tuesday the 8th at 6pm at the Holiday Inn and Suites located at 8787 Reeder Road with the Teams from Accurate Title and Alpha Titleas they show you how to have a successful transaction at closing.  It’s not always as simple as shipping your contract to the title company and showing up few days or weeks later to close.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes that the investor needs to know and understand so they can assist in a smooth transaction.

    Join us to find out

    •  Why we actually need a title policy when we buy property
    •  The basic steps to closing an investor purchase in Kansas & Missouri
    • When you need a Notice of Intent to Sell in Missouri
    • The documentation you will need when buying or selling in a Corporate Entity.

    And the Common Issues that come up including

    • What happens when the seller is incompetant or incapacitated and can’t sign for themselves.
    • What happens when the seller is deceased, who can sell the house and when.
    • How to deal with County Tax Liens and other Liens placed on the property by the county.
    • How to deal with a State or Federal Tax Lien placed on the property by the taxing authority.
    • What to watch  for when buying a property at a foreclosure auction, so you can resell it.
    • And last, when you buy a property at a tax sale, what you need to do to have a clean and marketable title.

    Because we are talking about isues that come up at closing, we have bit of homework for you if you don’t quite know how a closing transaction works.  If you have never purchased or sold a home, or have not completed enough transactions to be comfortable with a standard, no issue closing, Dave Green with Accurate Title worked with MAREI to record a webinar that covers the basic transaction from the signing of the contract to the closing of the sale  You can access this webinar by clicking here.

    And because MAREI members are out there marketing for motivated sellers that have all kinds of issues personally that can affect the closing or in the title of their property that can affect their home, we are working on an all day workshop for those that want to dig deeper into problems.  Workshop to be on Saturday August 19th.

    Meeting Agenda*

    • 5:30PM:  PreMeeting for Member’s Only – topic to be determined
    • 6:00PM: Networking and Vendor Hall
    • 7:00PM: Announcements
    • 7:20PM: Main Presentation with Alpha and Accurate Title
    • 8:45PM: Q & A
    • 9:00PM:  Final Networking & Sign up for Workshop on the 19th
    • 9:15PM:  Meeting after the meeting in the Green Mill  (grill closes at 10pm, so order food early)

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