Growing My Business at MAREI in 2017

Question:  Should I advertise at MAREI in 2017?

We have a lot of new business members joining us at MAREI and despite being around since 2004, we still run into industry people that do not know we exist.  So we have a lot of room to grow membership with people already in the industry.

Plus the TV shows and the traveling GURU shows are generating more people who have an interest in real estate investing, creating even more people that are coming to MAREI.  And believe it or not there are even brand new niches in the industry that are growing the potential pool of members, namely Vacation Rentals with AirBnB and Residential Assisted Living.

So the question stands, should I advertise at MAREI in 2017.

Let’s take a look at some numbers:

Recent Facebook Insights
Recent Facebook Insights

How can you advertise at MAREI in 2017.

Well you could become a business member.  Cost for that is $499 for the entire year or automatic drafts of $135 Quarterly  (that may go up a bit in 2017 to cover our new state legislative groups we may be partnering with).

So what does that get you?

  1.  It gets you a listing on in the Business Directory
  2. Plus your logo on that links back to your site.
  3. We also list you in our Newsletter and Member Benefits Magazine.
  4. We send out an eUpdate newsletter every other week and we include your logo in that, linked back to you.
  5. You also receive 3 Vendor Tables at our monthly meetings to use through out the year, July and December may have additional costs as these are charity nights.
  6. If you are active on Social Media – we work to interact with you so we can boost each other’s following and get each other’s content to rank better.
  7. If you create content, we like to use it in our newsletters and in our social media.
  8. If you have Meetups or Training Classes, we like to include those on the MAREI calendar as long as they do not compete with our own events.

The question becomes, will just paying for all of the above get you more business and while we like to think it will, just the advertising alone is not going to cut it.  Before you sign up to be a business member, be ready to actually take part in the above activities that requires a bit of work on your part – like creating an article or video, interacting on social media and using all 3 of your vendor tables to come to the monthly meetings.

While the online advertising can generate a bit of interest, getting live, face to face contact at the meetings get’s people to know you and your brand..  And the advertising that we do, reinforces that face to face contact.  That way, when someone needs your product or service, they remember meeting you at the meeting, they remember interacting with you on Facebook, and they can find your name and number on the MAREI website or in the newsletter.

You can build that brand recognition, all by yourself, just by being a member and working hard.  The advertising that MAREI does on behalf of the Business Members just reinforces the work you already do.  Plus if someone asks, who do you recommend, we always point to a Business Associate and tell them they are listed on the MAREI website and they don’t have to go find your contact info.

So think about it.  You may want to just be a member and build your business through networking or you may want a bit of back up to build your brand by being a Business Member.  Either way, we hope you will join us at MAREI in 2017 as it is going to be a fun ride!

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